Tsp trisodium phospahte questions?


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Dave from ohio here. newbie with few questions. I see that TSP is used in conjunction with other chemicals for cleaning shingled roofs. Where can i purchase this chemical at as in local hardware stores etc? what other cleaning applications can i use it for and what dilution ratios or amount to add to solution for specific cleaning jobs other than roof cleaning? How much does it cost? Please any help greatly appreciated.

Dave Ott

Isn't phosphate used in fertilizer. Doesnt fertlizer promote mold and alagae growth. I know they use tsp for house paint prep. It jsut doesn't add up to me. I never used the stuff. Go to sunbright and see what Pete has. The add is above they are great people.


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I use a pretty good amount of it for paint prep. Phosphates are not the best things for the enviroment. It will add a little kick to sodium percarbonate for wood cleaning.

For pure paint prep I do 6 cups TSP, 1.5 gallons 12% sodium hypochlorite the rest warm water in 5 gallon pail. Further dilution via X-Jet 2:1. Like any caustic, watch your windows and rinse everything well.

To add to sodium percarb, I might go 10% (weight) TSP.

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