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Dear Pressure Washing Industry Leader:

You have spent your time and money building a legitimate business. We have all had it happen. You give a bid for service only to be undercut by a person that has cut corners.. no insurance, no licensing, and no understanding of costs. Its very frustrating.

In February of this year the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) UAMCC Pressure Washing Business Organization Contractors Association plotted a course that has been traveled by very few in the history of the pressure washing industry. Our goal and purpose at the inception of this opportunity was to establish a nationally recognized association that represents the pressure washing contractor in all aspects of their business both at the local and national levels.

The UAMCC, a non-profit pressure washing organization, has risen to each and every challenge it has faced over the last 10 months. One of the main reasons that we are progressing today is because you, the contractors, distributors and manufacturers have afforded the UAMCC the latitude it needed to implement creative ideas, new strategies and create a fresh start for the pressure washing industry. Our sincerest "thank you" to each and every one of you for the steadfast support that you have shown the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaner.

The UAMCC Transition Team has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours reworking the infrastructure of the UAMCC. This team has unselfishly given it their all. Some have given financially so that our collective efforts can transform the UAMCC into a self-sustaining national association for all contractors to benefit. Each member of the team has volunteered a large portion of their time. You as a business owner understand that every business opportunity requires a financial commitment. Your consideration in joining the others that have already donated financially to the UAMCC will exemplify your level of continuing faith and unity for this endeavor.

The UAMCC Can Help Every Company Make More Money

As a group we can get our foot in the door with homeowners, property managers, the government and nationwide corporations. We are almost there! Please consider helping us help you by contributing a donation.

We understand that companies vary in size and can only contribute what their budget allows. To give you the opportunity to win a free UAMCC membership, we have established a contest that will be running until November 20th. Every company that donates will receive an entry in a drawing to win a free one year membership to the UAMCC. An additional contractor membership will be given to the highest donating contractor. The drawing will take place at the ACR Round Table in Easton PA on November 22nd. Winners will be publicized (with their approval) on the UAMCC forum.

To donate your generous gift please visit our website at UAMCC Pressure Washing Business Organization Contractors Association Also, while you are there feel free to meet the UAMCC Transition Team and read more about the UAMCC. For an opportunity to ask specific questions or offer new ideas, we have provided the UAMCC forum for your use.

On behalf of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners and the entire pressure washing industry, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your donation

Carlos Gonzales and the Entire Transition Team

PS: Remember.. every donation, no matter the size, gets us one step closer to letting the world know that pressure washing is a legitimate business filled with professionals. Thank you for your support!
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There are only a few days left for the contractor community to be entered into the UAMCC Membership Contest.

What do you do to win? Simple ~ donate any amount of money ($5, $15, $30, $50, $100....or more) and your name will automatically be included into the random drawing that will held at the upcoming ACR Round Table.

The highest donor will receive a free 1-year membership to the United Assoc. of Mobile Contract Cleaners UAMCC Pressure Washing Business Organization Contractors Association

Another winner will be randomly picked to also receive a free 1-year membership.

Just click the links above or go to the UAMCC website UAMCC Pressure Washing Business Organization Contractors Association for your chance to win big at ACR .

For those that have donated already we offer our sincere thanks to you! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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oh my !

seems like everybody wants our money these days !

donate to your homeless shelter in your area
Feed somebody this Thanksgiving !

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Actually this is a contest...meaning you could win something!

Mark, thanks again for allowing the UAMCC to park this information here. Appreciate it!

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Ladies and Gentleman,

We are running a marathon going through the last 10 HOURS of the UAMCCC Membership Contest. The Contest willl officially close at 5:00 pm EST Today.

For this time only, the transition team agreed wholeheartly to include individuals that donated to the UAMACC prior to the announcement of this contest.

John T
Matt Bryan
Gene a.ka. Lightening Gene
Joe Burke ~ who subsequently donated again to the UAMCC ~ Thanks man!

Your 4 names will be included for the contest!!!!

There is positive steps that the UAMCC is taking the new org. Can you all believe that it has been approximately 10 months since that first announcement went out about establishing a new organization?

In our final hours of the contest would you seriously consider seeing your way and donate what you can? Thank you everyone!!

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The UAMCC Membership Contest has officially ended.

We at the UAMCC would like to give our sincere appreciation and gratitude to those that contributed to the UAMCC.

Personally for me I am humbled beyond words to see our industry take that step of faith and reach into their pocket and give so freely. All of us on the Transition Team were awed at the support that was giving.

The receipents of the prize will be announced tommorrow via the ACR Round Table.

Again Thank You to all that gave.

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On behalf on the UAMCC, I would like to congratulate Don Phelps of Orlando Roof Cleaners as one of the winners of a One Year Free Membership to the UAMCC. Mr. Phelps was the highest contributor in the UAMCC Membership Give-A-Way Contest. Congratulations Don, you are UAMCC Member #1.

We would also like to congratulate Rick Posha of Indy Power Wash as the second winner of a One Year Free Membership to the UAMCC. Rick’s name was randomly drawn today at the ACR Products Round Table in Allentown, PA. Congratulations Rick, you are UAMCC Member #2.

The UAMCC has come a long way in 10 months. The establishment of what we set out to do is rapidly becoming a reality on all fronts. The transition team has and will continue to rise to the task in our efforts to mold and execute a contractor driven platform for all in the industry to benefit from. Our actions have been deliberate and our direction is weighed heavily with one simple but yet critical component ~ it must benefit the washing industry!

The vision that the UAMCC brings to the national stage is one that will foster new ideas, forge new relationships and hopefully mend old ones that have hampered our industries growth in the past. The historical proclivities that have plagued our profession are one that is being addressed on several fronts by the Transition Team. Our hope and prayer is one of establishing a new start for all in the industry to partake in.

I mention and say the points above because we could not have come this far without the generous support of the industry. We are encouraged and thankful for contractors such as you that have allowed the UAMCC the latitude it needed to embark on this journey.

Again, with our sincerest thoughts...the UAMCC would like to thank each and everyone that contributed to our efforts. We trust that you will continue to monitor our progress.

Don Phelps

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Thanks Carlos.

I'm sure the UAMCC will do great things for our industry and I look forward to offering whatever support I can as a member.

Congratulations to Rick Posha on winning the free one year membership!

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