Uniform or not

Dave Stones

New Member
What do the rest of the board think about wearing some form of Uniform etc,

I have been running my own Carpet & Upholstery cleaning business here in the UK for some 15 months now, and it seems that We're the only cleaner in our area to wear a uniform, our uniform consists of red Polo Shirt with embroidered Logo and business name, blue pre creased trousers and deck shoes, and in this cold weather we also wear embroiderd body warmers (between Jobs) One thing that I've found is the number of comments from customers saying how proffesional we look.

Even the Guy who works for me has offered to buy his own uniform.

Dave Stones.

Dan Flynn

PWN Founder

That is a great idea. You are doing a great job of keeping your company a head of the rest.

Looking and operating in a professional manner will push you way out in front.

Keep up the good work.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
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