URGENT need help on building interior bid..

I need to turn in this bid by this fri.
2 Building interiors. Were once used for machine shop.
They want the walls and floors cleaned.
total area of both. Walls= 8,102sqft
floors= 16,833sqft
Floors are real bad .
Question they have city sewers can I let runoff go down drain inside building. Plan on using Limonene to clean with. Do I need to neutralize with acid?
Will add a filter pad to catch larger particles.
This is the 1st interior job so we want to do it right.

I hope on using my new surface cleaner that I just made. I need help on pricing .
I thought about it taking about 21.5hrs on walls =
$1,612.50 and floors @22.5 hrs = $1683.33

Are my numbers way off on the floors. How long will it take with a 1 man crew ? Any help is appreciated
Thanks Tim

Tim Highfield


I would love to make that kind of money per hour but with that much sq. footage I think it is a little high.
Let's face you will probably only have to deep clean half way up that wall and the concrete machine will cut your time on the floor. If you are using hot water and a good amount of psi then you may not even need any cleaner.

I think I would do a demo and tell them that way you are giving a more reasonable bid after you see just how difficult it is to clean because you would not want to over charge anyone. Remember someone else is also bidding on this job too. You have to consider just how bad you really want this job.

Personally, I think I would charge more like around 8-10 cents a square + chemicals and sanitary drain if needed. Usually over 10,000 square foot totals we give a discount.

You also have to remember we don't have to hire anyone else, it is two of us and all the money stays here.

Hope this doesn't offend anyone.

Jim & Shirley



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You have not offened anyone, but I am surprised at how your typing has improved 100% overnight, or is Shirley doing it again??

I would include the chemicals in your quote so you don't have to worry about charging tax on that.

Being a machine shop that oil and other stuff should be recaptured and not allowed to run off down the drain.

Want to CYA contact the city sewer department and check with them, ask if you're allowed to run it out the drain there, here in Calif. we cannot do that.

My opinion only, others may or may not agree with me and that is their right.

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Here is a average breakdown on bid prices.
Of course everyone has thier own way to price it out.

Out of the bid price:
5 to 10% should be chemical cost - closer to 5% is better!
40% should be labor
20% scaffold and/or lifts (extra equipment)
The rest is profit...

Good Luck!

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Hey Tim,
Just a quick two cents worth. What we would charge:
Walls 8,102 X .06 = 486.12
Floors 16,833 X .08 = 1346.64
Total for job = 1832.76
This includes the chems.....other add ons might be necessary though.
I would certainly do a test for them and let them know what you can do and how long it is going to take and what chems to use.
Good Luck!

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