using buckets

I had a couple of questions for those that do a lot of windows. I like the idea of the Quadropod with the bucket at a good height but I really like the rectangle buckets better so I do not have to dip the washer in at both ends but would like something that would do the same thing without being bulky and blocking traffic on sidewalks or in front of stores.
1. Does anyone have anything that works for them or made something?
2. Is there anything available for the rectangle buckets that has wheels, at waist height or a little bit lower and a handle to move easily?
Do you use a bucket on a belt? They're a real back/time saver. Unger also makes a pump-up do hickey with a wand attached but it's only a 14"
With a bucket on a belt you eliminate alot of bending over.
Quad Pod

Have Used The Quad Pod Since It Came Out Many Years Ago! Here's What You Miss !! How Many Times Do You Ben Over To Put Water In The Strip Washer ?? Too Many !! With The Quad Pod None !! Approx 400 X A Day !! Engery Wasted And Time. Do You Have Two Poles On Quad Pod ?? Way Not !! Do You Have A Bucket Tool Holder ?? Why Not ?? Do You Have Floters (chem) In The Quad Pod !! U Use The Poles For Scrapers And Fixey Clamp At Wast High!! No Bending !! Duh !! Does This Make Sense ?? Do You Use A Belt?? Wheres The Screw Driver ?? On The Belt Or Quad Pod !! Oh This Run Back To The Truck And Get It !! Lost Time !! For Sure!! There's More To This But I Hope You Get The Idea On The Quad Pod !! Sorbo's Got A Lot Of Things To Same Time !! Check It Out !! Stan, Pro Window Kleening

Yep !! It's Spilled Over A Few X !! I've Had A Run Away Too !! Wind Was Blowing Very Hard And I'm Running After The Bucket !! Yes I Caught It!! Ha! Now Hears The Good Side !! You Can Make Window Cleaning Hard Or Easy!! 400 X Bending To Start With !! Whos Faster ? Large Strip Washer 3 Ft Yes In Buckedt And 3-4 Squeege !! Whos Faster ?? Time Is Money !! Put It On And Take It Off And Detail !! Fewer Trips Back To Truck For A Screw Driver !! Not I've Got Mind On The Belt !! Tweaking This Work Is What It All About !! I "m Tweaking To Save A Little Time Here And There ! There's Time A Person Has To Bend Over But I Try To Keep It Wast High. I Use A Bottle On A Belt On The Inside To Save Time Too. Refills Are Kitchens And Bath Rooms. I Do About 1000 Sq Ft Befor I Have To Fill. Window Cleaning Is Easy With A Few Good Tools !! It's Not How I Do It, Thats Right Or Wrong !! It's Allways A Work In Progress !! It's How A Person Wants To Do To Day. Stan, Pro Window Kleening Since 1971

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