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On your natural/clear sealers, considering UV Protection, which sealer do yall suggest? Got calls last week from 2 of last years deck jobs. They wanted maintence on the deck. I treated the decks with wolmans last year, and they are solid grey this year. Anyone know of a better clear UV protector.
If you are a distributor and going to email me, just email the specs of your sealer please, save the sales pitch.

Craig Knight
Power Wash Unlimited
Sounds like you used wolman raincoat.It says right on the can that it lets the deck turn gray.If you can find Olympic Natural Look Protector Plus,this works great it is toned light brown and you can include the brochure in with your estimate which give a guarantee not to gray for two years.It is extremely user friendly.The only work by hand I do is 5 feet from the house.I spray the rest with a pump up sprayer.It is very thin and they reccommend only applying one thin coat.And the biggest plus of all is that it only cost $62.50 for a five gallon pail.I have been using this for over two years and I am pleased with the results.I will be switching to Ready Seal this year because of the variety of colors and having it delivered will save me a lot of time which will definetly out weigh the price difference.

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Greg - GCR PowerClean


We haven't found too many clear sealers that are worth the money you spend for them. Clear is exactly that... clear and generally will provide little or no UV protection. The only one I have found that actually works is CWF-UV clear (I have seen it last for 2 years properly applied). Although it's not actually clear.... it has an amber tinit to it. Be forwarned though, you'll have to strip it off the deck when it comes to refinishing.

Greg Rentschler
GCR PowerClean
You nailed it on the CWF. In two years, get out the stripper! I sell a lot of decks telling customers that same story. That is probably my BIGGEST reason for using F&P.
Looks good.
Protects good.
In two years, light wash and recoat.
My customers like that logic.
There are two things that I have found out for sure in the years thaI have been in the restoration business. #1. Clear UV finishes do not work. #2. Most customers who want a clear finish on their decks don't know what they really want. About 6 years ago a company came out with a 5 year clear UV finish. We applied this product to 12 decks. Within the first month we were called back out to strip down 10 of them because the customer didn't like the looks of them. They wanted a cedar tone deck. They wanted them to look like the inside of a cedar chest. With the cedar we have today, we call it sap cedar, the only way you can get this look is by adding tint. The other two decks were stripped and refinished all within 6 months because they started turning. CWF ( Clear Wood Finish by Flood. ) is a clear product. The amber color you see is caused by the dryiers in the product. There is no tint in CWF UV. You must be real careful not to apply CWF in direct sunlight. I've seen this done and the deck looked like it was a piece of glass. Very, very hard to remove. As of this time, my company will not apply a clear finish to any exterior wood.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare


I like Woolman's Extreme, I put three coats on the deck and it lasts very well and is very durable, but have found that anything will fail if only 2 coats are applied.
The foot traffic is huge as most of the rich sob's through HUGE parties and 100's of people all over the deck. Still through all that I dont have problems with the sealer lasting. I do a lot of prep work though. Sanding and renailing and assuring through inspection that the entire surface is clean and then the maintenance agreement ties it all together.


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