Vegas Parking Garage Event March 26-28

For all parking garage cleaners and potential cleaners put March 26-28 on your schedule for a must attend event. We have aprox 5 companies so far that are in agreement to bring there equipment down to this event to be used to do a one of a kind event where whoever attends gets to use each piece of machinery to do an actual cleaning.

This is not a demonstration!! Whoever attends this event will work this equipment to get OJT right out of the gate. There will be 1 day classwork, 1 day working the equipment and the last day some more schedule classwork with the emphasis being on equipment discussion & how to work with your local AHJ's.

The classwork will consist of discussion on how to clean a garage and to be financially successful at it as well as working with AHJ's,POTW's,EPA,BMP's etc. We have multiple officials who are interested in attending this ground breaking event and also a potential National Speaker.

The goal is to keep the pricing reasonable & rational that benefits you the attendee. Because we plan on having each attendee to use the EQUIPMENT in a working atmosphere we only blocked off 20 rooms and have a conference room to hold 40 guest.

Where closing now just one more detail and once that is done we will officially announce everything later this week.

Once this official word comes out about the details, whoever is interested we will respectfully ask all to respond to an email. We have a committee in place to pick out the names so no one person can decide who goes. From that point we'll ask for a deposit to lock you in.

If this is deemed a success we will work on getting many more national companies to bring there equipment in so many more can attend next year. Were doing this for you to help us and yourself to be accepted as the go to professionals to get the parking garage done correctly and to be compensated accordingly.

The ultimate goal for the parking garage cleaners and people who have an interest in a niche commercial market is to be a force to be reckoned with on a national level.

So stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days ahead.

John T.

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I should have the flyer out by tonight.. There has to be one restriction and there is a 2nd one possibly but where still working that out. The first one is a given. Because of the amount of machinery where going to have in her we have to restrict this event to stay small because we want all attendees to have the opportunity to be able to "Work" the machines for awhile each. This is the focal point of this event.

The other restriction where still discussing and it's no longer the method of taking all the emails since there are more people requesting to go then we can have at this event(one company wants to bring 7 employees to give you an idea of what where dealing with) and try to pick who can go because of our small size limitation.

To solve that problem where just going to have a "pay by date" and when our size limitation is hit then we will notify others that might still be interested that we are filled up. This will be tough to turn people away but we also don't want people paying for something that there not going to get. Just like one of our customers in contracting--We want them to "get what they paid for".

John T.
Here is the updated flyer. We have some more good news to add in here that's going to be sweet. The final Flyer will be out early next week after we get back from NOLA. That last version will have also the Room Block info and the paylink for this event.

Do not book anything yet until this last version comes out because where on the verge of getting an even better deal with the hotel..

I'll also put this Flyer in its own thread so who's ever interested can go right to it.

Thanks for the support of all the bulletin boards for letting me put this out there to the garage guys and future garage guys.

Keep sending your emails to & if your interested and as that goes up will keep trying to get some more national companies to respond.

If you need to you can contact Jim Gamble at 510-612-0437 or John Tornabene at [COLOR=""]631-804-1777[/COLOR]

Thanks Guys,
John T.


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