Wanting to get into thid field.

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I am thinking of getting into new constructionclean up next year after winter or heak even during winter if they have any to do. My question is what do you need to do this. I have cleaned flat work before is it the same as if you were cleaning a store front? Do you use certian chemicals? What do they( the construction company) expect you to do? Do you seal the concrete once you are done? How do you charge them?Square foot? And how much do you charge? I feel this would be a great field to get into. Please help. Thanks for any and all advice

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For starters most are very cheap and late payers. But you can find some good one's. You can do several things for them. Cleaning out the building, brick, drive and garage floor.

I always said, if you don't know what to charge, eyeball it and figure your hours times 50 to 100 per, plus material then add 10%


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We do a fair amount of construction clean up. It's dirty work. If you are good at details and house work, you will do well. You need things like mops, vaacums, squeegee, rags, cleaning solutions, polishes, brooms, and a dust mask since all the drywall dust is heavy.

Start out at an hourly rate. Whatever the market will allow for labor in your area. Try construction companies. You can call and pick Rod's brain if you like. Les helped him get the hang of the pricing. He's very helpful too.

Rod's out cleaning a new Baja Fresh as I type.....



How did you build your business of construction cleaning in the first place?


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I am thinking of getting into new construction clean up next year

I have done new construction clean up for 12 years (and am adding PW to my services)
get Don Asslett's book READ IT and guess 50 - 100 per (as above)

find a small commercial remodel, close to home ..offer free boot scrapers at entrances about 30.00 each, walk off mats about 10.00 used from coverall company ..
PW a ...little... for free tell the superintendent right up front you want the job
and are willing to work cheap to keep the dirt out ,, in order to get the final clean... keeping the mud out makes the contractor look good when the acrhitect and owner come to visit you will find sheetrock guys, electricians,
all of the trades all of a sudden asking you to give them a hand .. make a deal to clean daily, after hours and a weekend or two so you are not in the way
BY ALL MEANS GET A HARD HAT << AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY >> the inspectors will smack you down for no hard hat
if you can get this far.. you have the confidence of some primary contractors in your area

you will make your money in the final 2 weeks of the project this is not free and not cheap so let them know right up front
you ain't cheap .. they know you are good don't get into a per foot bid
a good janitor can clean 50k sf in 8 hours in a clean office building you will not be able to clean 5ksf new construction in 8 hours

detail detail detail is the name of the game .. windows, floors anything eye level will be scrutinized on a punch list.. be prepared to re-clean after the painter has painted for the fourth time .. offer to mask carpets once installed
scrub, seal and wax new and existing floors and find a good carpet cleaner who will jump out of his hat to be there for you the day before they hand over the keys you will need this guy ..
you can't beat a man at his own game so don't rent a machine and hope for the best windows windows frames and more windows great resources in this network window forum (some of the best i have ever seen)

i have over the years added hvac vent and duct cleaning / air movers / negative air machines dehudifiers huge hepa filter vacuums 2 new 16ft ford cube vans this year .. 150k in equipment and all paid for in cash at the end of each job a little at a time
i worked for years out of 4 small vans i graduated

your competition is the same as in any business they don't last long and a good contractor knows that .. if they compare the cheap guys rates to yours just say keep my card and i'll be available when you need me ..

good luck

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