Washing in cold temps

Mike Hughes

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I will be washing a few trucks here and there this winter..........fuel oil delivery trucks. Most of the wash days will be fairly cold.

What steps do you take to protect the trucks from freezing, such as the locks. I've heard suggestions like shooting some WD-40 into the locks.........does that work?

What advice do you have for this residential washer posing as a truck washer?? [help]

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Larry L.

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Don't let stuff scare ya:

Nowdays it seems the locks doesn't freeze like they used to,as long as your rinse water isn't freezen on the trucks you'll be ok.

Only thing you need to watch for is cracks(chips) in the windsheild when useing hotwater,throwing hotwater on a COLD windsheild that has chips in it could make one of the stars in the chip run(crack).I use hotwater and I fan the windsheild with it as I'm washing the truck,I'll fan it two or three times before I wash it as this will slowing warm the windsheild.Same goes for the hoter months when they are runing their AC,the inside of the windsheild will be cold while the outside will be hot.Throwing cold water on a hot windsheild is more dangous then hotwater on a cold windsheild,its one reason I use hotwater all year.

Washem and don't let things scare ya,,if the locks do freeze most trucker knows how to heat the keg.

Dan S

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this is the *sucky* part of fleet washing even though you are using hot h20 the wind never seems to blow the way ya want it. always blows back @ ya... I have never had any doors EVER frezze and never have I used w-d ......... It seems that when ya use hot h20 by the time it cools it evaporate's..........

That ole wise tale of hot h20 frezzes before cold is nothing more then HOG WASH ....... I know alot of times when the temp is so cold and the wind is a howling I dont even use soap I just use hot h20 and hose 'em down.. by doing this Im taking all that road slime off and keeping it salt free ....

Just spray like you normally do and wear one of those ski-mask ..
last weekend my hood was so frozen that when I took it off it was as stiff as a sheet of ply-wood..

good luck and dont worry ............just use your hot h20 ..... and re-read what big- said about the windshield ......... I dont need to re-peat it ......he said it well ...

FREEZE !!!!!!!!!! not FREZZE !!!!!!!!!!!!


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a 72" wand with a 10 degree bend on the end, about 9" from the end ,works best for washing trucks I thank, if your not 2 stepping.

I run soap through my pump so the soap goes on at a high impact, when its cold you dont wont to be out there all day!

you have 2 hot water washers , put soap on with one , rinse with the other. Good Luck Mike!

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