Washing painted wood surfaces


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What do you use to wash painted wood surfaces such as siding, eaves, spindles, etc.? Many homes in the area I live have old wooden window frmes which leak. I usually have to use a brush to clean them because we can't use too much pressure. What chemicals do you recommend? Any other tips or advice?
Maz, La.



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Hi !

I use limonene,its a great exterior house washing chemical.I washed a painted house past weekend,turned out great,trim looked like just painted and the house too.Just dont let it dry on the windows,i used pump up sprayer.Worked great,spray one side and as soon as i got done ,rinse it.Didnt have to put any pressure on it.Stain gone instantly !
Hey also,gutters clean without brushing,unless they havent been cleaned for 20 years,i just spray it on with pump up sprayer and rinse it right away,dont have to wait at all.
Worth a try,Johny



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Hi Johnny Say I also use Limonene. For a quick application try using it thru your x jet spray nozzle.
And yes it does do well on gutters. You have to kind of watch it on alum. Like you said do not let it dry too long. Later Tim

Tim Highfield


Ok guys ,,,,,whats Limonene? Where would I get it ? I am in So Fla


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