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does anyone have any information on getting rid of wash water on the west slope. ive talk to alot of people that work for the city and county. they all direct me the same direction to the dispose of the water. i go and talk to the places that im suppose to be able to take the water and get declined . then get directed in a different direction. i have a couple of places to check yet ,but if someone on the west slope has a place and could help, big thanks.

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I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I have called around to so many different people and can never get a straight answer.

I have an email that was sent to me that outlines the specific areas and ways that you can discharge wastewater in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Water Quality Control Division, no wastewater is to enter a storm sewer. They do say that you should contact your local waste treatment plant to find about dumping water in the sanitary sewer or at the plant.

I called multiple wastewater treatment plants in and around Colorado Springs and they told me that they don't allow dumping at their location or into a sanitary sewer because the water must first go through a sand and oil separator.

Nobody had a clue about what to do with the water and one guy told me to take it to a car wash and dump it because they have the appropriate separators.

Why on Earth would they make it so difficult to stay compliant?

I'm going to call the landfill to see if they accept wastewater. Who knows?

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Sounds like they want you to pre-treat the water before disposal.

One option might be a Hydro Tek AZV55 or VZVE1.

Check out :http://www.powerwashnetwork.com/sponsors-products/11058-special-member-prices.html

On page 4 of the price list.

I can fully understand pre-treating before disposal. The problem lies with the fact that you can't even get a permit to dump in a sanitary sewer.

It's no wonder that there are only a handful of pressure washing companies in a town of over 500,000.

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