Water in engine!


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We are closed today for Memorial day, however I am going in so a customer can pick up pressure washer we repaired Friday.
Engine would not turn over/ rusted........

Seems someone replaced the stock air cleaner cover hold down nut, with one that allowed rain water to enter the carb, water in cylinders is not a good thing.

We were able to free the pistons, and get her going again with some help from WD-40, Marvel Mystery Oil, ::Marvel Mystery Oil:: and another one of my favorites Sea Foam. Sea Foam | Motor Treatment

We changed engine oil 3 times to flush all the water out of the engine, new filters................

After removing spark plugs, and air filter we added Marvel Mystery Oil through spark plug opening filling each cylinder with Mystery oil, next 1 oz of Mystery Oil directly down throat of carb followed by WD40 until it overflowed waited 60 seconds bumped the starter and she turned over, next step was to flush cylinders with WD40 to clean out any rust, then change oil & filter, add Sea Foam to intake then run unit 5 minutes, change oil & filter again, add more Sea Foam to intake run engine for 10 minutes. Put new belts on pump and generator test unit under load............

Engine runs GREAT pump however also needed work..............

Moral of story: If you must store your equipment outdoors, cover it especially if expecting rain or snow.)
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Good stuff Mark....

I should be bringing up the Landa tomorrow for you to check out that problem I spoke to you about the other day.


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I will be in around 8:30 have a dental appointment Tuesday morning.

Dana and Chris will be there to take care of your problem, see you tomorrow.......

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