What a great site looking for equipment

Been looking a long time for a site like this.I am doing a lot of small work decks ect..I'm looking really hard for better equipment but not brand new.Looking for trailer mounted with tanks hot water ect.If you know of anyone near Michigan,Southern Ontario Canada that has any deal like this please let me know.A lot of Commercial work coming up and a lot of them don't want me to use there water so I need to adapt to get these contracts.
Thanks for taking time. [hello]
email shakky2@hotmail.com
You will have to charge more tocarry water in most cases. Unless it's an issue of pressure drop you can explain to them that most commercial jobs use less than $15-$20 worth of water and you will have to charge many times that for travel expense and toting.

Of course many times water is not accessible so it's still good to have a 500 gallon reserve.
I am thinking that most of these companies(tim horton's)don't want hoses running around everywhere as a lot of them are a 24hr service.
MMMM Tim Hortons are my favorite dount. We do not have them in Cleveland (yet) but we have been doing a lot of out of town work in areas that do have them. That would be a great account in Canada because they are on every corner in 5 min of driving you could pass 20 of them.

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