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I was just listening to Lieberman on the boob tube, and Lieberman was saying that Al Gore volunteered for Vietnam. Now unless my memory is failing, didn't he get strings pulled to make him a behind the lines newspaper reporter? Now Tommy Lee Jones is saying that they had shooting contests, Isn't he Anti-Gun?
Just wondering if it is just me.

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Imagine the EPA problems everybody would have,not to mention gas prices and taxes and God knows what other intrusions if Al Gore won! Eveybody should remember to vote This race is important

Preston A Hummel
After spending 21 years of my life in the military I've seen alot of wannabe's Al Gore is a big wannabe. He did not do any combat time and I think its an insult to people that have. He is not like John Mccain who knows first hand what its like. Sorry about this I know its negitive but he just makes me mad

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David Saulque

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Clintons VP Al Gore Jr only served 6 months of a 13 month tour. But the rest of us 13 months in RVN. At the time he had two body guards so that his ass was safe. This action was taken because of his dads high profile. These people have no shame.


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