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We were woundering what kind of machines everyone has.
Hot or Cold

We have 2 Elite Hot Water 3000psi 5.5gpm Skid units with 16 hp Vangards
We think ours are excellent machines for our business,
fleetwashing and flat work. How would you rate yours?

This are our 4 machines only because our first 2 were distroyed in the wreck.

Yes, guy I am still working on getting that pic of the new set up on here. Will be soon, I hope.

Shirley & Jim

Hydro-tek sc3300
Heat 275 degree
3300 psi
5 gpm
18hp vanguard
cat pump

Only machines i ever had, no other brands. So hard to rate compared. Only time it ever went down is when me and Dan F. poured something other than gas in it.

Have 940 hrs on this one last time i checked.

Craig Knight www.powerwashunlimited.com

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I have one Northern 4000psi cold water PW With 18hp Honda direct drive that is 6yrs old, a 3000psi cold water belt driven Mi-T-M pw with 11hp honda that is 5yrs old, 3000psi cold water belt driven Simpson with 11hp honda that is 2yrs old and last but not least my pride and joy a 3000psi hot water belt driven Landa pw with a 16hp Vanguard that is 1yr old. All these machines have been great and they all served there purpose.

Our primary P/Washer is a trailer mounted 22 hp. Kohler with a gear reduction Udor 4000psi.@ 5.5 gpm pump and a K-9 unloader, fed from a 225 gal. cold water tank, with 2 hose reels; one for supply(incoming) and, one for hi-pres.(outgoing). We also have a coldwater Viking(out of business)Vanguard 16 hp, with a Cat pump rated at 4000psi@4.5 gpm with a Yu-2140 unloader(pres. type) as a 2 wheeled mobile unit.
Next step, when finances allow it, I would like to get a "hot box" for the trailered unit.

I have twin RK-24 hot water machines, manufactured by Elite. (essentially the same as Jim and Shirleys, except mine have 18hp engines) Both are 3000psi@5.5 GPMs 325 gallon tank.

I like them, they have been relatively good to me. One machine has about 300 hours, the other has 250.

Our primary pump is out of the Oil Field Industry. If I uploaded the picture correctly, you will see the pump on the right side in the back of this truck. Click on this url http://www.tps-inc.com/gmcbk1sm.jpg

Major components in this unit are:
1000 gallon stainless cross baffled water tank
45 KW Genset – 220 3 phase power 200 amp control panel
24 volt switches for all pumps. 110 volt outlets for hand tools, lights, etc.
Circulation pump 15 gpm 100 psi
Cat pressure pump 1500 psi 2 gpm
Hotsy 1,100,000 Btu boiler
Wheatley pressure pump can vary volume up to 9 gpm and pressures up to 3000 psi.

This equipment is fueled by LP vapor. All of our pumps are electric.

We like the versatility that this equipment gives us. Industrial, commercial, flatwork, fleets, kitchen exhaust systems, etc.

Dave Olson

Tidy Powerwash Service, Inc. P.O. Box 781, Catlin, Illinois 61817 Phone 217-427-5557, Fax 217-427-2632 We are a commercial cleaning contractor serving East-Central Illinois and West Central Indiana since 1984. http://www.tps-inc.com/preswash.htm
We have a Hydro-Tek Hot Water 3400/5GPM and
"mini-me" cold water 3000/4GPM for Gloria!!

We house them both in an enclosed trailer with all the other gear that comes with it!


Living Life On the Edge Makes Us Dizzy...WE LOVE DIZZY!

Dennis A. Cormier and Gloria A. Wagner
North Georgia Spray Masters, Inc.
I HAD a Hotsy 1260 and a PowerMaster 3500 @ 4.5
until a drunk traveling in excess of 100 mph hit the
rear of the truck and sent it down 150 ft of guardrail
until it flipped and landed on its roof 15ft on the other side of the rail, and up against a highway sign
that prevented the truck from rolling over and over and
By 1-25-2001 I will have a 2000 Isuzu with an Allison Fire Cannon 2 gun machine

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New Member
Welcome back Dennis and Gloria, long time no hear from you two.

Jon Fleischer
Oasis Pressure Cleaning
(909) 792-2247
Fax (909) 792-5633
Hi Jim & Shirley!

We have 2 skid mount units:
1) Landa Platinum with generator with a variable temp control that can go to steam. It pumps 4.8 gpm @ 3,000 psi.
It is mounted an a small trailer w/ a 200 gallon tank

2) Delco 53G Vortex (no generator) & no temp control. It pumps 5.3 gpm @ 3,000 psi.
It is mounted on a 12 foot trailer with a 250 gal. tank

We also have a Glidden 2400 portible cold water unit. I don't remember what the gpm is on this 2,400 psi but it is powered with a 9-horse engine.

Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
I have an RK-21. 3000psi, 5gpm. Its the firt washer i've owened and so far love it! I think its going to be very versital for me. Thanks Tom


That was some serious damage done to your rig.
You are one lucky man to walk away from it
without being badly hurt or even killed.




Glad to hear you are alright. We had a similar experience back in Sept. Drunk driving over 100 rolled ours 7 times and thru Shirley out and into the other truck bed while it was rolling.

What is wrong with people they can't see something as big as these 2 trucks?

Glad everyone is ok. We will post a picture of the new rig as soon as I take one.

Jim & Shirley


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ouch....that musta hurt.
glad to be typin' at ya now.

18 hp Briggs 3500@4gpm hot unit from MSI
11 hp honda 3200@3.5gpm cold unit
6 hp electric 2200@4gpm cold/hot unit
WH 4400 hot box

Carry a 6x10 trailer lettered out professionally towed by '77 GMC half ton with a small block 400, 350 turbo tranny, 4x4, 411 dana design rear ends, 4 inch body lift, steel reinforced bed and heavy duty solid steel drive shafts engineered locally to fit truck, and 35" super mudder tires. THEY SEE(and hear) MEE COMIN'!!!!

Always been into muscle trucks. Also have 97 blazer (room for the kiddie) Going to auction next month for 1 ton Chevy doooooooolie, crew cab, 8 foot bed pickem up.



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