Where do you dump your water?

Looking at possibily starting to clean some flat work
this summer. Question where do you or can you legally dump your reclaimed water from your bank, gas stations,
resturants and fleets ? Thanks Tim

Tim Highfield


New Member
I don't know about the state you are in, but here we have to take it to either a POTW, or you can take it to a coin-op car wash and dump it. Anyplace that would have a clarifier or oil water seperator, prior to discharge into the Sanitary Sewer. If you are cleaning gas stations, check with the gas station owner if they have a drive through car wash. They usually have clarifiers installed there, so you could dump it on site that way. Rather than transporting it. That opens up a whole new world and headache for regulations. All my flat work is done at new car dealers. So I can dump it into their clarifier on site; provided the contaminate levels don't exceed certain amounts. Hope this helps.


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