Where do you keep your equipment??

Where do you keep your equipement? On the street, in your driveway, barn, garage??

For the last two years, I have been parking my truck and trailer on the street outside of our apartment. Now that we bought a house, I can't keep my equipment at my home anymore.

I now rent space from a farmer about a mile away from my house. I also have my old van there for storage. In a month or two, he will have a garage available and I will be able to keep my trailer (open trailer) indoors......finally!

I was just curious what everyone else is doing....

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA
We have a 5x8 trailer for our hot machine and a garage to store the rest of the stuff.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
I have a 24'x24' carport. My wife parks on one side and I put my trailer w/pressure washer on the other side. Canned my pickup to the outside life........
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Hi Mike,

We have always kept our equipment inside.

Our shop is not heated, but it is insulated with a concrete floor. In the winter we have LP heaters mounted in the back of our trucks (we do not winterize our equipment). We have a storeroom (2x12's made into shelves). Plywood roof and wrapped the whole thing in 4 ml plastic. We use electric or LP heaters in the storeroom to protect our chemicals. We use a 150,000 BTU K1 heater to heat the shop if we want to work inside during the winter months. Our main shop is 64x30 with 16 foot eves 14' overhead door.

We have another non insulated building that we store additional trucks and equipment 30x40, keep the company car there too :) We winterize our blaster that we store in this building.

We pay $395/month for our main shop and $120/month for the additional building. Both of these buildings are about 6 blocks from the house and about 1/2 block apart.

Works out real well for us!

Dave Olson

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David l Saulque

I rent 2 ea 10x20 storage units and one parking space for my compressor and that equals $260. My crew manager take my vans home after the nights work. The storage units are gated & we have 24 hr. access. This is not the best of all worlds but it works and the location is central.


Hi Mike,
As you know we have an enclosed trailer unit and a van. We keep the trailer inside a garage with all the chems and extra equipment. Want to protect and make last the logo design ya know! I have no place inside to keep the van so the poor pitiful thing has to stay outside in the weather


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Dennis A. Cormier and Gloria A. Wagner
North Georgia Spray Masters, Inc.
I have an enclosed trailer which sleeps outside and a shop to store the extra equipment in. In the winter, I pull the trailer in the shop and put an electric heater inside of it. I have to say, I love the shop. When the wifes temper flares up, it is a nice place to go. I have a killer sound system(I used to be a dj) in it and there is always something to do(equipment maintenance).... I wonder if I put a pool table in there will my trailer still fit in?

John May

Well, maybe you could suspend the pool table with ropes and pulleys........then in the winter, just pull it up to the ceiling out of the way.
GREAT idea. One problem though... Disco Lighting. The ropes and pulleys and the table might hit one of the mirror balls or interfere with some of the lights effects. Dang, I am dreaming.(but before I wake up I might as well go over to the bar or talk to one of the dancers!!!)

John May
I have two 20 foot over sea containers that I keep in a storage yard for $125.00 per mo. they are fully wired with elec. and they are heated with elce. heaters that are on a thermastat set at 50 deg.
I keep my 14FT. Trailer in one and any other supplys and equip. in the other box.
Seems to be working fine for me..

Barry/Supreme Power Wash
Have a nice day...

Georgia & George Smith

Unfortunately we have to keep ours outside but we do keep it covered up with a marine grade extra large tarp.The rest of our equipment and supplies are kept in a bld.

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I have 2 trailers a 4x8 & a 6.5x12 both are by the dog house that my little dog is in (her's a Neapolitan Mastiff)! The other stuff i keep in a metal shed, and my tool room.

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Great idea on the grill cover. Oh how I love this board .. Always a new idea. We have a 24x40 attached garage which is heated. I can keep my mini trailer inside. But am looking at getting an 6x10 enclosed which may need to be kept outside. I still have to get both vehicles inside (wife says) Although my truck does have remote start which is GREAT! A great alternative if your truck sets outside. I can set in my easy chair and still start it . When I go out it is nice and toasty inside. Later Tim

Tim Highfield


New Member
I live in a planned unit developlement and are not allowed to have commerical vehicles parked outside I could either rent space in the RV lot or park it in our garage.

Simple solution, the wife's car gets parked outside and the trailer inside the garage, works out well except for that fact the wife doesn't like her car getting dirty.

And before you ask NO I don't clean it weekly for her, when I get in the mood I will. I take my truck to the car wash


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