Where do you put your Marketing $$$

I read some previous posts on advertising in the Yellow Pages. (It was informative and confirmed our recent decision to advertise a little more in this area)

I am interested in knowing where other PW advertise, more so for commerical accounts. Do you purchase lists, advertise in trade magazines, make cold calls or cold visits etc...?

As far as printed material, do you have brochures, flyers and the like?

Spring is coming to Michigan, I just know it and I am working on a sales campaign and would be interested in knowing what you guys have found successful.


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Over the last 6 years I have done nothing but Commercial accounts. And all I have done is pound the pavement. I still do. I pick a particular group or logistical area, and get to walking. You would be amazed how much information you can get out of a secretary. No one is used to it anymore. They all get things in the mail, and phone calls, but most of the customers I have gotten are actually surprised to have someone show up anymore. I try to go with what every one else is NOT doing. It seems to get me alot further in the "technology" era. I spend my money on the proposal and the presentation, not on the advertising. You can get just as far looking nice and being professional, i.e. making a good impression, and then backing it up with the presentation and the customer service. I don't know about you, but I rarely have people calling me for flat work, (other than referrals),I have to get out and find it!!!

Cali is telling you right!
You have got to break your own ground - make your own path...
It's a jungle out here - if you follow someone else path to close to the way they are going - you could find yourself off the same cliff too.
What I'm trying to say is cut your own path! A lot of companies do just like the company before them. you end up getting the same "NO!" that they got.
If you look at the post in powerwashers marketing BBS titled
How To Market A NEW Market - Newbie's May Like
This Post
In this post I am trying to show people how to find their OWN originality.

In this game you need to know what you want to wash.
One job at a time...

Here are some things to know:

The different between an ORDER TAKER & a SALESMAN - the order taker stops at NO - the salesman starts at NO.

When ever you talk to a potential commercial account ALWAYS assume that they have just finished talking to 20 other unrequested pressure washing guys before you on that day.

Now --- WHY would he want to go with your service?

99% of the time PRICE IS NOT THE ISSUE (even though they may say it is).

When you can answer why he would use your service - then, and only then will you be able to close on most of your calls.

You have got to be in their face a lot. You have to make them remember you. Always know that they aren't sitting on a pressure washing job every day. It's like construction clean-up. You have got to go by and say Hi at least once a week.
Tell them "hey - just had an appointment in the area thought I'ld stop by and see how things are going!

If the contractor looks a little frustrated to you - TELL HIM
- You look a little frustrated! - anything I can do for you? ...need some help?

Of course we all know he is frustrated because you are back in his face AGAIN! (the 5th time in 3 weeks!) We aren't going to let him know that we know why he is frustrated!

You see, a lot of guys go in get a NO once and they are gone! I think it is because they really do not want to work.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!

Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
Thanks Guys!!!
I used this boards wonderful search feature and I hit the jackpot. Back in Sept 2000 Ron Marshall began a discussion on this very topic. The respondants had wonderful remarks and suggestions. We are doing many of them and some were a nice reminders.

You guys are great!

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