Will diaphram airless push sealers ok?

Looking to get my first airless soon.
But we currently have a limited budget.
looking to spend up to $750 .
What would be my best buy.I know a piston pump is better what about parts availability and service. How about a diaphram pump would it hold up to the chems sprayed through it?
Thanks again for the help Tim

Tim Highfield

Greg - GCR PowerClean

I am not totally sure what you are looking to buy but if it is in fact an Airless setup you wouldn't want to run anything but sealers/paints through it. Airless sprayers be it diaphram or piston are not designed to pump cleaners and stripping products.

In regards to the airless, we have a diphram and piston model and both have worked excellent with no problems. Both are Wagner Pro Golds.

Greg Rentschler
GCR PowerClean
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