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I have a few home that i have lined up to give estimates. They want there wood fences done later this month. I need to know how to price them what formula do you use, what do you charge per sq. ft. Please if you veiw, post. I would really like your advice.

Thank you
Will Jay

Clean County

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Will Jay,
I do all my pricing by how long do I think it will take me to complete the job. The potential customer never knows how much an hour I plan on making because I don't reveal that to them.
I can pretty much tell how long most jobs will take me because I have been doing this for 6 yrs. When I'm working by myself I try to get at least $50-$80 an hour. I will of course make alot more then this when my workers are on scene.
I don't have time to figure sq ft. My day is to hectic as it is thats why I do jobs by time. Of course this may not work in the commercial market but for residential I never had a problem. I hope this helps.
John/Clean County PW;)


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My Prices are:

ShadowBox Type: 30.00 per section

Regular Picket: 20.00 per section

This includes stripping, cleaning and sealing both sides.



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Easy way we do our pricing:

By linear foot. Each side

$3.00 for 4 ft height
$4.00 for 5-6 ft height
$5.00 for 6-7 ft height

We also look at the type of fencing.....straight boards are easy, etc.



JR Wood

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I'm with John/Clean county.I prettymuch eye up the job and figure time nowadays.I have been getting good at it and like John, $50 to $60 per hour.It really helps when you are doing estimates during your 18 minute lunch hour.If it means something a 6X8 section is about $25 bucks.But that depends on stripping,easy access etc...

Deck Works

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I measure Linear Footage X Height for each side. I charge the same SQ footage cost for Fences as I do decks. Same Volume discount as well. This is what works best for me. I average $50/hr profit on each job. I can guess how long a job will take me...but it usually runs longer.

Tip on Fences...use an airless sprayer! I also use CWF UV for all my fences. I works great on vertical surfaces and is cheap. I did a fence 3 years ago with CWF CEDAR and it still looks good.


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