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Can you tell me what psi you reccomend for PTW and Cedar? Iam also looking for a good Brightener and Stripper. I have tried bleach on PTW but dont like the end result. Can you tell the proper way to use bleach? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You should always use the lowest pressure as possible. Allow the chemicals you use to do the work for you. The Less The Better.

Check out www.sunbritedecks.com for strippers and brighteners. They have great products.

I thinks they are updating their site, so if it's down, call Chris Detter at
1 770 277-6363 or email him at cdett@mindspring.com

Tell him we sent you and he will take good care of you

If you use bleach you have to follow with a neutralizer, it will bring back the natural color and pH levels of the wood.

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Hi Mr. Deck Guard, Dan is right the lowest pressure possible.. we wash all our decks at garden hose pressure approx 200-300 psi we wash w/ 4% fresh bleach ,water and spic n span mixture.
let sit 5-8 minutes slightly agitate w/ the pressure washer then rinse (not pressure wash) after washing you must neutralize with an acidic solution such as oxalic acid don't
rinse off. Your decks will look beautiful, Wed nights 8pm eastern wood chat room

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