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It seems that quite a few people use the X-jet nozzle to apply chemicals on vinyl sided houses because it eliminates the use of ladders which makes sense. What I don't get is if you do that why isn't the extension wand use when your dealing with a 2nd floor home? I have an extension wand that can open to 24' which is very difficult to use at that length. I use this wand alot on vinyl sided house but I hardly ever have it open to near its full capacity. I guess once again my question is going towards the chemical discussion I brought up a few weeks earlier. Is it that when using an X-Jet nozzle the chemicals being put on the house is strong enough that when the chemical is on the 2nd floor of the house you can just rinse it off with your pw and a regular size wand from the ground and the house will look just as clean as if you did it from a ladder with your wand tip much closer to the house or if you use the extension wand?

When applying chemical through an x-jet, proportioners are used to regulate the flow of chemical. The chemical flow without any proportioner is at a ratio of about 1 1/2 to 1 mix. This mix with the average reaching capability of about 40 foot makes the application of chemical from the ground an easy and time efficient tool.
Most chemicals do not require such a strong mix ratio to be used effectively. In most applications (I think) housewash can be reduced about twice that much.

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Yes,,,but you also rinse with the x-jet,is this what your needing to know?</FONT c></FONT f>

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thanks for the answer bigboy i had the same question if i understand correctly 1. you get more cleaning agent on the surface 2. it projects it high like to the second story are higher 3 you can rinse and wash with a regular wand and dont have to worry about the fatigue of a telescoping wand and the back ache.

I'm still searching for that magic formula that will allow me to soap and rinse the entire home from the ground using the xjet.........I am not there yet.
If anyone knows the secret and cares to share it, I'd love to know.

Currently, I still use extension wands and/or ladders.

Mike Hughes
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Hi Guys, I can share what we use with the X-Jet. We usually use the X-Jet to apply the chems then rinse with the X-Jet. We have done this hitting 3 stories.
Now I know that this mixture does not get it all the time with one application. There were several times that we had to hit it twice the chems or had to use an extension wand to rinse off. But, so far the best luck we have had is with the following mix {no proportioners in the X-Jet}
Get a 5 gallon bucket
Poor in two 1 1/2 gallons {3 gallons} of bleach 5.95%
Poor in 1/2 gallon of Tide Liquid Detergent
Poor in two good "squirts" of Cascade
Add about a gallon of water.
Mix well

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I also use pretty much the same 'mix' as Dennis. However, I use little or no water when using the downstream ( it will get diluted anyway ). I do add a little water if using the wonderful X-JET.
Barry Loy

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Does the X-Jet have a problem drawing chemicals when the wand is lifted too high and the solution is on the ground. I bought a chemical injector that you put on the end of the wand, but it doesn't draw when I lift the wand above my head.

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I've never had trouble with the x-jet drawing the chemical out.......no matter where I have the wand.


Isn't that a hell of alot of Tide??? Half gallon? Sure you didn't mean half cup, or something? Gets kinda expensive, doesn't it?

OOOOOOOOOOPPPSSS Daisy!!!!!!!!!! Yep Mike, Good catch!!

We use about a 1/2 cup to a cup of Tide. I kinda just pour until enough

Works great!

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Dennis A. Cormier and Gloria A. Wagner
North Georgia Spray Masters, Inc.
Les & Dennis,

I want to give a hugh thanks to both, for your posts on the cleaning formulas with the use of the x-jet.

Much appreciated from this "painter".


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