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im just getting strted in this business and im looking for things to cut down on the time that i spend at job sites. I heard of the x jet and was wondering where could i purchase one , and are they hard to use i see people on this site talking about orfices and other stuff is this a complicated item or is it a good investment. Please i notice alot of peole lookat threads but dont reply if you have any useful info that can help me please leave it in one of my threads , email me at lsracr@aol.com , or feel free to call me at 757-877-9231 i need as much advice i can get , because i wanna be succesful in this profession.
New to the business as well. I bought an x-jet, thought it was a good investment . I've used it a couple of times and like the action. I'm close to Mel from Melsmobile he was in my area one day and had something just as effective( homemade at that, and about 1/4 the cost) I can't remember how he came up with it, maybe he'll reply and give you the info. Otherwise ask bigboy( I'm fishing here, but I bet I get a bite ) he knows everything rule by rule... " LOL - bigboy "
Personally, I don't know how we could get by without the x-jet. We use it on almost every job we do. Saves getting up on the ole ladders. If you shop around you can get a good deal on one.
Make sure it is the kit and not just the jet.
Good Luck!

Steve Rowlett at 1-800-357-6295 can hook you up.

I have an x jet and love it - It cuts my house wash time in half. The key is to use quality chemicals. With an x jet: the chemicals do the work not the pressure.

As of the orfice - I do not mess with them - I alter the strenght of the chemicals in the bucket.

As of people viewing and not answering - I use to feel the same way, but soon realize once I started using the SEARCH function, that the same questions get ask over and over. Just remember what you got from this board and be the one to answer the same old questions.
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YOu need to tell whoever you're buying it from what the psi and gpm's are on your machine, that way they can sell you an xjet with the proper size orfice in it.

If the person you are dealing with doesnt know what you're talking about, hang up and call 1-800-XTERIOR. They make the xjet and sell them.
Could someone please lmk what the proper orifice size should
be for a 4gpm/3000psi machine. I bought the x-jet last week
and just want to make sure I have the right size orifice in it.


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Nozzle Chart

The closest nozzle size for 4 GPM @ 3000 PSI would be a 4.5 for example a 15045.

Here is the nozzle chart from our web site, the nozzle chart can be also found on our on-line store below the X-Jet Nozzle.
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Mark, I think you misunderstood my post. I know what nozzle size to use for my machine, I was asking what x-jet orifice size
I should have for a 4gpm/3000psi machine. The one I have has
a #9 orifice size and I am trying to find out if this is the correct size for my machine. thanks


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Sorry my mistake.

I e-mailed that question to Ron Strickland of X-Jet he replied:

"2,000 to 3,000 psi---- # 9
3,000 to 4,000 psi-----# 13
4,000 to 5,000 psi-----# 16"

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