Zinc or Stainless or Aluminum


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I was looking at the 1/4" threaded lances used for making custom length wands, and discovered that they are available in zinc plated, stainless, and even aluminum, or black powder coated.

Is there a prefered material? What are the benefits?



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ron p

rust,strangth,weight,corrosion resistance
zinc=strong=easy to thread-rust on inside-heavy=cheap
stainless=strong=no rust=chem. resistance-more $=lighter then zinc
aluminum=strong-bends easy=easy to thread but not as strong as the others-light weight
powder coat = powdercoated what steel? inside and out? prob. same as zinc.
what size wand are you wanting to make and to do what with it? hot water?


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I was thinking of making one about 6 feet long, which I would hook up to a shurflow system for spraying chems at lower pressure.

Also, I thought maybe I could put a quick coupler on the gun end, and change lances depending on what I was spraying, and the length needed. Or possibly have the option of adding a couple as needed.
How about brass? Northern Tool has a brass telescoping chemical spray wand. Extends from 3 1/2' to about 7' and is pretty heavy duty. Use it on both my shurflow systems and it works for me! (especially on second story decks-no ladder and no spraying myself). Can also be tweeked for quick connect, different triggers or nozzles. $29.99 www.northerntool.com
Bill B,
I can't answer that question. I've used the brass wands only once. One for sodium percarbonate cleaner and one for oxalic acid brightener. And yes, they worked great in my opinion. Sprayed for no more than one hour, ran water through the system, disconnected and drained the wands. They still look ok-but maybe the wand guts are getting eaten alive? I figured if they use brass on agricultural chemical spray equipment that I would be safe. Does anyone know about brass and chemical reactions? Please inform. Thanks
Bleach and especially Chlorine corrode Brass. Because of this I now order only stainless steel couplers and quick connects. They cost a little more but its money well spent.

I no longer have to deal with greenish looking brass connectors that don't work right.

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