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    Snow plowing

    Snow? What is that? [white]
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    Dwell times for detergents and chemicals.

    Oxalic is the last thing I do on concrete and will oftentimes just let drive away after laying it down. So, to answer your question, the dwell time I use on oxalic is until the next rainfall.
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    Whhat Price ?

    Hell, we have guys here that will do "any house for $69". Any house pricing is a quick way to kill your business IMHO. When you find a price that you think will work watch how the small profitable houses don't call and the big big ones do and you end up doing huge houses for little money...
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    Groundwater Discharge Permit or something

    Your friend is misguided. Getting a permit to violate the Clean Water Act does not exist. Nothing should go down the stormwater drains as a result of your work. The only thing that can go down a stormwater drain is storm water.
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    Removing stubborn stains from concrete

    If it is rust Oxalic acid should get rid of it. If it is battery acid it won't come out although some claim that Prosoco Ferrous Stain remover gets out battery acid burns but I haven't tried it. Here is a picture of Oxalic on an irrigation rust stain. Mixed 1/2 lb to a gallon.
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    Cleaning White Gutters?

    Depending on the condition of the gutter I pull out a white bucket and dump some F-13 into it and then eyeball about a 20:1 ratio. I dip a brush in this and brush it on the gutters. I let it dwell for a few minutes and then agitate with the brush again and it usually comes right off. If it is...
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    Cleaning White Gutters?

    F-13 Gutter Grenade, Simple green and Purple Power all seem to work well for me.
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    Bought A New Work Truck

    Truck is coming along nicely. That is one huge lunchbox on there. Your crew must eat a ton! :rolleyes:
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    Property Sold

    If they have already closed on the house your "contract" is useless but I would still try to talk to the parties involved to try and get the job. The fence needs to be cleaned and once you have ascertained that both parties agree on it being done and that one of them pays for it I see no problem...
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    What is best cleaner for cleaning asphalt roof,shingles

    A local chemical supply company should have it or get it for you and typically they sell it around a 12% solution. If you don't have a chemical supply company nearby go to your local pool supply store and get "pool shock" which is the same exact thing. Chemical supply here sells 55 gallon...
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    What is best cleaner for cleaning asphalt roof,shingles

    I wasn't bashing RoofReviver the product as it does seem to work but their statement regarding bleach has no basis in fact and, because of that, I discount them as something I would not want my name associated with.
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    What is best cleaner for cleaning asphalt roof,shingles

    The RoofReviver site is pretty interesting. A little fear Advertising. Here's a snippet..... Roof Reviver(TM) does NOT contain chlorine bleach. Bleach products should NEVER be used on your roof! I guess they don't know that the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer's Assoc. suggests using...
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    Got A Contract

    I see that you are doing Outback steakhouses for $85. With a two man crew that is about a two hour job if you are doing the dumpster area as well. In order to make this new builder contract work for you I hope you are getting more per hour than that. Best of luck!
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    Property Sold

    Just do it before they close on the house and ask for payment on the day you do the service.
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    Bought A New Work Truck

    That makes sense. Those underbody boxes can hold lots of stuff and keep the deck clean lookiing. Without the dovetail you will be able to turn that around much easier too. Well thought out!