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    Ladder Saver

    Thats great - don't buy one. My crews like the Ladder Saver-to each his own. Our application with down stream inj. the little unit works well.:)
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    Ladder Saver

    Last month I purchased from Mark a little item called a Ladder Saver. The little device was a little pricey but I decided to try it out with one of my crews. We only service hood systems and my managers are hard to change. Well, I gave this to my manager and he just rolled his eyes. Well...
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    Hoods only or everything including the kitchen sink?

    As a general rule exhaust cleaners only service the ventilator system. The main reason is the time limitations and it simply does not give one ample time to service all kitchen components. :)
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    CECS Exam

    First thing I would do is join IKECA or ask them to send you information along with sample questions. Go to International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association Home Page or 301-230-0099 ask for Tim Shaw:)
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    Home Depot & Grainger:)
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    CECS Exam

    Have been out of town-sorry for the delay. Yes to both questions-check your local ins. person and ask for rates. The CCES exam are difficult at best and it depends on the org. that is giving the exam-ask them for sample questions-who would get the test from?:)
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    Cooking Oil Removal - Illegal?

    TLC is right-PW the area and vacuum and place down the sanitary drain (sink/mop sink). I would not even call and ask the question if I were you.[wsmile]
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    California Wash & Capture Symposium

    Mark Nice job on the event-lots of good information-networking-food & raffle. Your wife said that I would win and nothing-3005. Good job. Thanks.[spin]
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    New, pls help

    I would go to Phil Ackland Training Seminars .:::Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems :::. and buy his exhaust cleaning manual and hook up with a company out of your area and work with them for a week or so and get the easy questions out of the way. At this site you can review old posts...
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    No Water Wasted

    What happen to the light?:confused:[help]
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    Mark has this nice foamer and I have no idea what to use in it-anyone use foam?????[help]
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    Does anyone at this bb use foam and do you have a chemical recipe? Would like something that cleans up well, with rgards to the foamer equipment.:)
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    Happy Birthday David S.

    Thanks Mark
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    Non-trans fat Cleaner

    I have no idea what that product is-get a sample and try it & let us know.[help]
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    Need Help With Class

    Just give me a call and we can set it up. 916-663-3033:)