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    Foaming inner hood surface

    Yes Hot water & Pressure Yes Foamers, Foaming Nozzles and Foam Lances from poor service Hood Cleaning Supplies .com dba Advanced Marketing 615-866-0804 NO WAY JOSE, KEC Supply 877.570.2319 x 1 Jason good guy
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    Hood Cleaning

    Why do you want to clean hoods? The hardest, nastiest PW job there is . And the hours suck
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    Who still post here from the early days of this bulletin board?

    Dan was removed from the Delco bbs. he was very confrontational on Delco. After he started this board, he mellowed out. Another person who was removed from the Delco bbs, and later from Dan's bbs was Ron Musgraves, who used various aliases to keep posting on Delco and Dan's forum. Among them...
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    Who still post here from the early days of this bulletin board?

    The first board I knew about was Delco. That was about 1996. I heard of Dan's BBS in 1998, and was an early supporter. Even after he got out of PW, he kept the board going. Does any one know what he is doing now?
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    Advice For Winter / Cold Weather Storage Of Equipment

    Gary, when I used antifreeze, I mounted a 5 gallon tank to the wall. Then I ran a hose from the bucket to the inlet of the PW. I ran the PW until antifreeze came out the gun, then shut everything down. When I started the next job, I closed the antifreeze tank valve and ran the pump until...
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    Come on MARK.....

    Cute kid, are wrapped around his fingers yet? Boxing gloves?
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    SUNTEC fuel pump

    Fuel filter/water separator?
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    Price Increases

    One of my suppliers tracks expenses. When their total cost goes up 3%, they raise prices by 5%. Their theory is a small increase is not as noticed as a 10% increase. We charge a "service charge" on each customer. The service charge is determined by the distance we have to travel. Of...
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    Man pleads guilty to power washer assault, sentenced to jail

    Pressure Washer should only be sold after a back ground check, and only 1 gallon per minute and 50 PSI should be allowed. If that fails to curb the improper use, a tax based upon GPM and PSI should be instigated. And no huge pressure washers that require wheels should be allowed, only pw sized...
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    Easy Clean Systems Moving 3/22/2013

    Congratulations on your business expansion.
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    Battery question

    I have had good results with Interstate Batteries for my PW. There is a reason Mark sells Interstate, the quality. The Optima has good reviews, but in my opinion, is overpriced. Buy the largest battery you can. When I sold automotive parts, we found cheap was the most expensive. How much...
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    Ladder Safety

    We have a new company here, "College kids washing windows' or something like that. I finally stopped in the street one day and asked the kid to contact the company and ask them for a class on ladder placement. He gave me the bastard calf look. I left.
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    FM Facility Maintenance

    The question you should be asking is "Has anyone had any positive experiences working for ANY of the national service resellers? Is there anyone out there who has not had to wait for there money? Is there anyone out there who has not received short payment? Is there anyone who has not had to...
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    Weather is CHanging

    I was in Atlanta this week taking a sprinkler class. The low was about 60°F. I do not know how people can survive temps that low. Dee just told me we had temps in the 20°F range this week. Sure glad I have 20 cords for the shop and house already.
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    anti-freeze system

    I quit using antifreeze some time ago. My trailer is insulated and equipted with a propane heater and 2 of the 20 gallon tanks. I keep the t'state at about 40 - 45 ° F. During freezing season, Sept to April, the tank, coil and hoses are drained after each use.