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    Sealmaxx, has anyone heard of this?

    Seal maxx Could someone tell me something about Seal maxx besides stay away and it's junk, it's hardly an answer I can give a customer that is asking about it. I'm very seriously looking for an answer to the question what is it, and how to handle customers with questions about it. Jeff
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    The worst bid I ever made and won was....

    Worst bid The worst I ever did was a deck that I just knew wasn't going to look right with the color stain the home owner chose. Instead of trying to stear him away from it I just did it. I hated it and so did he. I restripped it and sealed it in the color he allowed me to pick, and it turned...
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    Help Wanted

    Hi, can't come in the summer, but have been considering Texas for winter work, my mom lives there. We live in Wisconsin, but find ourselves open to do whatever we like because our last child just left for the service. My wife and I don't like winters so if your still busy then give a shout and...
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    Celeste, where can I go to research this product, their website is elusive. Jeff
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    Sealmaxx, has anyone heard of this?

    sealmaxx Sorry it took me so long to respond here, I don't need my deck done, I do decks. What I'm looking for is what is it, I have no recourse against this stuff and people are buying it up if I don't know what it is. I would like to find a way to educate people about it, but I can't because...
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    Sealmaxx, has anyone heard of this?

    Our market in this area is getting bombarded about a new sealant called Sealmaxx. One distributor, and company applying it in the area. They claim you will never have to seal your deck again, and give a 25 year guarantee on this. They have a web site but doesn't give really much info. Has anyone...
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    cleaning soffits

    What do I tell a customer who is worried about getting water in the soffits? and what is the best way to clean aluminum soffits? Thanks Jeff
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    To include or not to include??? THat is the question

    I could never bid the house by just the house, what about the soffits, do clean them or just spray them off. We charge more for soffits because we use a soft spin brush and actually get up there with planks and clean them, even walk roofs for the hard to reach places. A home owner can just spray...
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    Campground Pricing

    I'm getting 175.00 for an RV 25 ft. long, and it goes up from there. That's just a basic wash. Called the local truck wash and they want 240.00 for the same unit, and there's is all automatic. Plus people tip me on top of it. So if you have a local truck wash, anything within 100 miles call them...
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    To include or not to include??? THat is the question

    11 a sq. for lower siding, I'm sorry the question has been asked so many time's here, and nobody answers it. I just feel like if any one wants to get the low ballers out of the equation, then bring them up to the same pricing standards. If someone giving a low ball knows I'm charging 11 cent a...
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    To include or not to include??? THat is the question

    Matt Just bid it straight out and include everything in the bid. Right now I'm charging 11 cents a sq foot for lower levels and all the way up to 15 depending on how hard it is to get to. I have no idea if I'm over or under but the old timers really can't complain about newbies business if...
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    Pricing Defined!

    Square foot pricing Cody I'm new here and really have no idea where to start with the square foot pricing. I have been trying to guage things by the hour, but with insurance and advertising it's not working out. Could you e-mail me and give me some idea where to start. A price list would be...