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    Extension Wands

    Which extension wands do you find the best and wehat price should I expect to pay? Seems like everyone caries them but the prices go from 90-300 dollars. Also anyone with detailed info on building one yourself? Thanks Jeff
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    Cedar Siding

    I just bought a house. It has cedar siding which has turned black in some areas. I do mostly kitchen exhaust hoods and I am hoping some of my brothers will have sone recc's on cleaning and sealing cedar. Thanks Jeff
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    Chemical Applicators

    I am looking for a good hand pump applicator for applying cleaning solution to the ductwork. In most cases I use the high pressure setting on my rig but some times it is easier to use a hand model. Any good pumps out there? Also what is the best product for cleaning grease. There are so many...
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    Warning: Buying pressure washers

    Just wanted to let the board know that everything worked out fine. I am sure posting the problem on the board helped everything along as the salesman had stated he had seen the post. Power to the people! Thanks Jeff
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    RE: Results of damaged internet purchase

    In regard to the problem I had experienced with that company from Tenn; I just wanted to let you guys know that everything worked out fine. I got the unit ( 2 weeks later ) and it is excellent. The salesman had contacted me over the phone and told me he had seen my post about what had happened...
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    Cleaning Filters

    Well we cleaned our first system. It was a 30 ft hood with two fans that hadnt been done in 2 YEARS! two of the largest companies in the area had been doing it prior. They neglected to tell this guy that he has about 80 feet of run ( both vertical and horizontal) that have no access doors. We...
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    Warning; Buying Pressure washers

    About 2 months ago I came online to this Forum and asked about purchasing pressure washers over the internet. The general consensus was that it was fine, you could save money, but expect to do the maintenance yourself. Here is my story so far. I ordered a nice unit from a vendor from TN(who will...
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    Pricing Help

    I appreciate the comments of all the experienced people that replied to my question. There is a wealth of info here that is unique to anything that I have seen in any industry. Dan Flynn is getting his donation. To be honest I probably wouldnt have placed those ads that I did for Sundays paper...
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    Pricing Help

    No this will not be my first job. It is my first BID on a big job. I am trying to get a baseline on how to bid it. I already have ads in the paper for part time experienced cleaners and am looking for a foreman. I am already contracted for the middle of June with 3 Hood jobs. 1 with a duct that...
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    Pricing Help

    Alright already. what we are going to do is cut in access panels every 12 feet over critical areas and scrape and clean them by hand. We will pressure wash the lower hood ductwork and the fans. You guys scared me. :rolleyes:
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    Pricing Help

    All I was asking for was an estimated price per linear foot of ductwork. Sure the job is complex but it is not impossible and will be enjoyably challenging. I have worked in the building service field since I was 20. First in the water treatment field which included cleaning all types of air and...
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    Pricing Help

    Hey Guys- I now have a pressure washer on order and I am looking at pricing my first big job. Thank you Phil Ackland. It is a Hotel less than 1 year old . The exhaust system has 3 major fans on a 3rd floor setback The fan models are LAU Industries and are large model ROUL222 -15n. The service...
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    Steam Addition

    Dear Wiz- I am purchasing a 3000 psi 5 gpm pw with a General ts2021 pump. It has a float tank, 120v generator system etc etc. I am having it made up with a steam option that will push the temp to 300 degrees at 300 psi but flow drops to 2.5 gpmt. I am getting double braided hose . Is there...
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    Gentlemen- I wish to thank one and all for your help in deciding this matter. I think I have decided on the perfect unit for my application. Without your help ( and the board topics in general) I probably would have picked the wrong stuff. I have already recommended this board to another friend...
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    12 volt vs generator

    I have been told that the 12 volt systems that are being used now on the new machines are just as good as having a generator system. True or false? ------------------