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    Zero Tip on Flat Work?

    0 tips have their place but not in concrete cleaning. I never use them for this application. I do use them to take down hornets nests or remove mud from excavator or bulldozer tracks.
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    Deck Restoration Estimate (Volume)

    Upon rereading your post its over 33,000 square feet not 3,300, I mis read the number, so I would actually bid it lower probably around .55 as long as it can be just cleaned and sealed. Can it be sprayed or do you have to alot of brushing or use staining pads?
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    Deck Restoration Estimate (Volume)

    For just cleaning and sealing Id go right around a dollar maybe slightly under to around .85 -.90. Really depends on condition and ease of accessing all areas.
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    One more day????

    all I can say is I am also Vice President of a Masonry Company and the ground here does not thaw everyday in February. The temps are predicted to begin to rise this week but yesterday the gound didn't thaw one bit. Our backhoe operator last reported that the ground was frozen down to around 18"...
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    mildew on aluminum

    Barry the benefit I see is that applying the wax on the surface helps keep fading to a minum for up to year. I try to sell this as a yearly maintenance program for the aluminum and I offer the next years wash at 10% off if done within 1 year. I charge about 25.00 to apply the wax to a rancher...
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    mildew on aluminum

    Barry, I use Plex Master and apply it through the pressure washer via downstream injection. I then rinse it concentrationg on the windows. I rinse them 2 times sometimes 3 to make sure no spots. I do not apply if prepping for paint.
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    mildew on aluminum

    Aluminum can be tough. I use mostly 12.5% chlorine with some dish soap and cold water. I mix it about 50 / 50 with water and add my soap. I downstream at around 20% and let dwell. I keep hitting it with the bleach until its as clean as it will come then rins very low psi and keep a really good...
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    How do you regulate pressure?

    Ive never really needed to know exactly how much pressure im using. Usually you can tell if you need to decrease or increase pressure just by feel. I never use high pressure to clean any way. I find the lower the pressure the better it cleans especially when using heat.
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    How do you regulate pressure?

    The easiest way is the duel lance wand. A simple twist of the handle is instant decrease in pressure and twist it even further for soap. A good deal all the way around and no pocket full of tips and quick connects to deal with. 25 degree tip is the best way to go.
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    Include outside of gutters??

    In my quotes along with the house, I include outside of gutters, front steps and walk as well as wax. All washing is done with hot water.I do this because 99% of people want it all - the deluxe package. I just spell it all out prior to submitting my quote so they know exactly what they are...
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    Old Vinyl Cleaning

    Once a house gets that bad its very hard to make it shine. I use a mix of bleach and a soap of about 12.4 Ph with no sodium hydroxide. I clean with water temp about 175, this helps remove all the oxidization that will come off. Houses like this - one rule slow down. Take your time and make sure...
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    How much Pressure?

    I have a 3000 psi 5gpm machine hot water. I rarely ever clean anything above 2000 psi even concrete and brick. I use a duel lance set up so all I have to do to lower pressure is twist the handle slightly. Like Larry said, higher psi higher damages poissible. I use duel lance and hot water 25...
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    Opinions on Bleach...

    I see it in Ace Hardware sold in one pound containers for around 6 bucks or so.It says Wood Bleach as the name, turn it over and check ingredients only one - Oxalic Acid.
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    How a regular guy becomes homeless.

    I agree, in 98 I I suffered a back injury that put me oughta work for over 6 months. L2 - L3 - L4 vertebrae in my back the discs were bulging and L5 herniated disc. I looked for work but with many physical limitations I was very limited. I was a mason for years. I looked for work but found...
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    Industry battlewounds?

    B.E. bought one shortly after it happened. I use it to apply degreaser to equipment, apply chlorine to roofs, apply deck brightener to decks the list goes on. I even mix up weed killer to spray the property lol it has many many uses.