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    x jet

    Personally, I don't know how we could get by without the x-jet. We use it on almost every job we do. Saves getting up on the ole ladders. If you shop around you can get a good deal on one. Make sure it is the kit and not just the jet. Good Luck!
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    chemicals and mixtures

    I have found over the years there are so many chemicals out there!~~~ Just go out and find a bunch of them and mix them all together and should do the trick whatever you are cleaning... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! Actually we use a homemade mix that cleans roofs/homes/most concrete. Look back at...
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    Chemicals And What To Carry?

    We always carry EVERYTHING! It never fails that we are on the job and we always put out our sign by the front lawn and over comes a neighbor wanting some work done. So we prepare ahead of time and make sure we have all the cleaning supplies to do most any job we are asked stored in the van...
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    Hmmmmmmm~~~Remember us?

    HA HA HA.....nice to be remembered for something....{i guess} :) We have not been back to the nudest colony this year....wonder why they didn't ask us back. Could have been the silly grin we had on our face all day. Yep, we never change....we age and age but stay our youthful selves. You...
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    Hmmmmmmm~~~Remember us?

    Both Gloria and I have full time jobs and do the pressure washing "on the side". is busy busy busy...looking forward to having some free time from the second job and doin some playin~~~
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    Hmmmmmmm~~~Remember us?

    Sorry guys and has been ages since we last visited. Yes, we are still alive and washin. Season is coming to an end for us, as a matter of fact our last job before winter is this Saturday. Then, it is winterized and put up! We had a real busy season cleaning houses and decks. We...
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    Remember Us?

    Nice to know someone remembers us... :D I think I will wait until winter to call on the nudist camp again... You have this image of all the "pretty" bodies....not so... :p Den
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    Remember Us?

    Hi Guys and Gals....It has been awhile and just wanted to say HOWDY [hello] to all who remember us. It has been a very busy summer. Not much working though :( We did not do much advertising this season and it showed. We did enough to pay the bills and that is about it. We choose it that...
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    Neighbors complaining

    You said it Mike....some people just complain about everything because that is all they have to do with their lives. Jim, what I would do is find out where this guy lives. Go next door and tell the homeowner that you are doing free house washing for advertisement. It might take you a couple...
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    Streaks on gutters

    Mike, I will give that a try. We don't use much as it is, using a brush to apply. Thanks, and will let you know if it works for us the same. Den:D
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    Using Clorox Outdoor

    Hey Mike, it is not that much stronger. If you look at the percentages on the Outdoors and the Ultra. Using a 5 gallon mix the way we do I would use one of the bottles of the Outdoors vs two bottles of the Ultra. Den
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    Southern Calif.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm,,,,southern California......sounds like a vacation to me!!~~~~~~~ROAD TRIP [tie] Sorry Jim, could not resist... [bb] Den
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    Covering Plants

    We do not cover plants either except when we are working with deck material. We wash the plants down good. Do one side or two sides of the home. Then rinse. At that time we also rinse the plants down again. Never killed a plant yet....****knocking on Mike's Head*****[boing]
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    RV washing

    We have cleand many a RV. You can use several different things. We have found that gutter zap is by far the best for us. We brush it on and immediately rinse off. Black streaks gone. Now if you don't have any gutter zap, we have also used crud cutter from home depot. It works well also...
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    Streaks on gutters

    Here is our procedure for cleaning the gutter streaks. We put the house wash chems on the house including the gutters. I rinse off using the pressure washer getting the gutters the best possible. Then I use a brush (with extension pole) with gutter zap. I come right behind the brush with the...