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    Power Washing Soap

    I don't wash vehicles commercially, but I've been washing and painstakingly waxing my own vehicles for 20 years, and I've never seen anything that cleans without some kind of mechanical agitation. You've got to do something to get the dirt off, preferably a soft wash mitt and good soap to avoid...
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    Just Starting Out

    Good advice from Pat. You need flow for your machine, not pressure, and you need a comprehensive marketing plan. In fact, you need the marketing plan and budget more than you need anything else.
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    Budget Websites

    This is a good deal for guys who don't know what they're doing. You should put this deal up on pressuretek, grime scene and other forums. I have seen a number of people who could use your services.
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    New member! Need help with getting contracts.

    It's 2012. You need a website. You need to spread out and diversify. You need some print advertising, some word of mouth, some referrals, some direct marketing, some internet marketing, some signs, some fliers, etc. You need a little of everything to get moving. No one thing is going to do it...
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    Pressure Cleaning School II

    Just saw your video with this one. Aluminum lances are pretty awesome, up to a certain length, where they bend like heck. I've used them a few times on big projects to reach heights. Way better than extension poles, but can be cumbersome too. Last time I went looking, I realized the two I...
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    The Farmers Pond.

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    How do you remove gum from concrete?

    Hey Doug, is that one of the front 9 products you bought? Love to hear what it is, and how well it works.
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    Apparently, I do large commercial work too.

    Excellent. Big jobs are just plain fun compared to residential.
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    Hello From Richmond, VA

    You're going to have loads of fun! Good luck with the new venture.
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    Rust Removal The Woodlands Texas

    Yeah, that was pretty rough looking. Nice work Doug.
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    House wash messed up stained deck

    Wet it down and keep it wet. The more water you add, the more it dilutes your run off, the less problem you have.
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    WARNING!!! Beware of a drop in ranks prior to being contacted about seo services.

    That's downright evil. I can't publicly say what I would do to anyone caught sabotaging my business in such a manner, but I would certainly take things into my own hands. That's not a game at all.
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    concrete cleaning quote

    Pics would help immensely. There are too many variables to guess at something like that. Have you bid this job yet?
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    Lifetime Fitness Syosset NY

    Nice job pressure washing that one!
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    Lets Talks Pressure Washing Sales,Commercial Selling personal

    Is there somewhere to get info on the different HOA's? I've thought about offering my service to some of the communities around here. I'd like to target some for fence staining, because here in Jax, the barriers to noisy roads on many of these communities is wood privacy fences, and they...