1. Doug Rucker

    Cleaning Vinyl Siding Kingwood Humble Texas

    Cleaning Vinyl and Hardie Plank Siding in Humble and Kingwood Texas
  2. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Kingwood Texas

    Here are some Pics from a job we did this week. This job is from the Eagle Springs Community located in Kingwood Texas. This roof was cleaned using our NON PRESSURE cleaning method. When we do a Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning service we NEVER us a pressure washer.
  3. Doug Rucker

    Wood Deck Cleaning Humble Texas

    We closed the year out on December 31st with a Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, House Wash, and this Wood Deck Cleaning in Humble Texas. This job was done in the Forest Cove neighborhood of Kingwood Texas.
  4. Doug Rucker

    Houston Texas Pressure Washing

    Here are a few more pictures of the job we did that we were initially called out for rust stain removal in the Summerwood area of Houston Texas. I have always found that doing an on site estimate for a customer is far better than giving prices over the phone. I enjoy meeting the customer and...
  5. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Kingwood Texas

    This home is located in the Bear Branch subdivision of Kingwood Texas. The roof on this home is only 14 years old and the owner was told he needed to replace it. At a cost of about $12,000.00. He will now get another 5-10 years, maybe more after a through non pressure roof cleaning by Clean and...
  6. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Houston Texas Kingwood Texas Humble Texas

    Roof Cleaning Houston Texas Kingwood Texas Humble Texas Here are a few Pic's of a Roof Cleaning we did this week in Kingwood TexasWoodstream Village
  7. Doug Rucker

    Rust Removal Houston Texas

    Pic's of a rust removal job this week. Rust caused by over flow pipe form air handler. Client had tried 5 different products. Was amazed whne he she saw me remove in about 20 minutes. Love it when they watch.
  8. Doug Rucker

    BT200 Cleans Up Hydraulic Oil Spill in Florida

    Here are some pic's from a Central Florida Contractor that used the BT200 to clean up a long 600' x 2' hydraulic oil spill in a neighborhood. This contractor was extremenly pleased with how effective the BT200 worked as well as how safe the products is to use. It is Certified GREEN and contains...
  9. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Humble Texas

    Todays Edition of As the Fungus Among Us Leaves Town by Clean and Green Solutions
  10. Doug Rucker

    Cleaning Brick Clear Lake Texas

    Left the After Pic to this one off previous post.
  11. Doug Rucker

    Soft Wash Cleaning Brick and Vinyl Siding Clear Lake Texas

    A few pic's of a job we did this week in Clear Lake Texas
  12. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Humble Texas

    Trying out Photobucket.
  13. Doug Rucker

    Roof CLeaning Sugar Land Texas

    Before And After Pics of a Roof we cleaned yesterday In Sugar Land Texas. 4500 square feet.
  14. Doug Rucker

    Humble Texas Roof Cleaning

    Here are some pics from a roof we cleaned yesterday. These are what I call "During" the cleaning as they show parts of the roof that are clean and parts that haven't been cleaned.
  15. Doug Rucker

    Roof CLeaning Houston Texas

    Here is a picture of a roof we cleaned in Kingwood Texas last week. The picture shows a section of the "after" cleaned roof closest to you and the "before" section that is not yet cleaned in the back gound.