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Here are a few more pictures of the job we did that we were initially called out for rust stain removal in the Summerwood area of Houston Texas. I have always found that doing an on site estimate for a customer is far better than giving prices over the phone. I enjoy meeting the customer and walking the property and sharing the benefits of other services that we offer. They, of course are very happy too once we are all done. I can't tell you how many times a customer will say, once we are done, "I had no idea my home was this dirty."


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Nice work Doug. I think most home owners don't realize what a difference a professional cleaning could make on their property. Infact, I am visiting my mother right now in Minnesota. I wish I could get my hands on some equipment to clean her walkways. It would make a huge difference. Amazingly there is no snow! And it was 52 degrees yesterday.

Doug Rucker

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Looking good Doug.

How did you get the fence cleaned - SoftWash :)?

No, I have never been able to get fencing clean soft washing. I use my adjustable wand, low pressure and more flow. The key is not stopping on the wood. This prevent's the wand marks. As you know it takes Practice, Practice, Practice. And not a zero tip, LOL

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Carlos, you're having too much fun aren't you? :)

Ha...yea...I guess I am. Decided to take the week off and kick it with Bettye and Madison. They went to the mall today as our niece is spending a few days with I decided to catch up on the BBS's. I see I haven't missed much.....time to get back behind the wand.

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