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  1. J

    Do filtration units always maintain maxium GPM's for hours on end ?

    I wrote this last year and it still holds true today. The fact is that NO ONE can clean faster then their filtration unit if filtration/ reclamation is required. If you have 2 machines going at 6 GPM ( 2x6 = 12 GPM) and you have a filtration unit of 14 GPM, you will not be able to...
  2. J

    Parking Garage Cleaning

    So last year we said we was going to start offering different types, levels if you will, of cleaning. Sorta of expanding our cleaning expertise in the Parking Garage field. Everything is going better then we expected...infact maybe to well. The problem.... to much work. We may have to...
  3. New Look

    Graffiti Removal in San Franciso

    Now you see it ....Now you don't. I liked this job over in San Francisco....quick....easy.....and FUN. Sold a house wash and another graffiti removal job while I was there plus the customer gave me a unexpected but favorable review on Yelp about our Graffiti Removal Services in San Francisco
  4. J

    I just finished our 3rd garage in three weeks and....

    We are DEEP cleaning an average of over 300,000 sq ft per day with our current equipment. This is full reclamation and rinse down of every square inch of a Parking Garage Facility. I have known that some Garage Cleanings only do "Spot" cleaning of the stains and consider that as cleaning the...