Do filtration units always maintain maxium GPM's for hours on end ?

I wrote this last year and it still holds true today.

The fact is that NO ONE can clean faster then their filtration unit if filtration/ reclamation is required.

If you have 2 machines going at 6 GPM ( 2x6 = 12 GPM) and you have a filtration unit of 14 GPM, you will not be able to continue for more than 30-50 or so minutes before your filtration is clogged and your filtration's GPM's output starts to decline well below your 12 GPM's out put of your washers.

There is no way that someone can say their filter does not clog. They would be lying. That is the nature of a filter. To remove particles from the flow of the water. Even our filtration units cannot handle the full flow of 47+ GPM's per machine for 6 hours straight. It will slow down and that’s with a 1,200+ gallon sludge tank. If someone has a 50 gallon drum, that drum will need to be cleaned out to continue. THIS TAKES TIME. You must stop your filtration unit during this cleaning, especially if the unit is under vacuum, otherwise your filtration will get clogged even faster without your 50 Gallon Sludge container to filter out those large particles.

Now you guys need to think about this.

You have 50 gallons of wet sludge. It will weigh about 11+ lbs per gallon. 11x50=550 lbs. Can 1 man of medium built pick that container up. No, you must have a valve on the bottom. So you have a 2 inch valve. Those valves are not always large enough. Sludge will clog the opening. Can you work it out... SURE you can.... but it takes time. Time that your filter IS NOT RUNNING... TIME that your washers will have to stop running. You will need to add time to your project.


Make sure when you buy your filtration unit, that you consider that your filtration units will get clogged during the cleaning. Performance will slow down 30, 50 or even 85% or more depending on the product ( Substance/ debris/ oil/ grit/ sand etc.) that you are filtering. You must account for this when bidding your garage.
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