Cleaning White Gutters?

Honestly I am surprised at the amount of power cleaning companies that do not understand how gutter cleaning works. Most just don't do it at all. The dirt is in the oxidized part of the paint, that is why degreasers and solvents work best, as they eat the oxidized paint as well as the dirt. Many degreasers will take all the paint off the gutter and really screws up a good job. Full strength citrus cleaners will eat all the paint too so avoid these for sure. I use a product called ripper, which you can downstream saving lots of time, also no scrubbing. If it dosn't work the first time pull out your rotary nozzle (it wont harm them) and do it again. If you dont understand any of these terms, you need a little more experience so just take your time and learn. It is enviromentally friendly natural solvents that attack the oxidized part of the paint. Always test an area first when using a new cleaner and cool the area to avoid alkaline shock. Also DO NOT USE BLEACH OR CITRUS, they will take all the paint off. It is easy to be a pressure washer, but to be a great company entity you (the owner) must understand the dirt, process and chemical solutions. Reaserch research research
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Bill Booz said:
... It is easy to be a pressure washer, but to be a great company entity you (the owner) must understand the dirt, process and chemical solutions. Research research research
I agree 100%. However...if you do a search on gutter streaks, you will find that they are caused by run-off from asphalt shingles. The cleaner's job is to break the electrostatic bond of these vertical streaks. Any cleaner, if used improperly, can damage the finish on gutters. In 8 years of residential house washing, I have never experienced bleach affecting the finish of gutters.

You're kidding about the "rotary" nozzle, right? I can't think of any part of a home where the use of a turbo nozzle is appropriate.

As for "environmentally friendly", Simple Green is non-toxic, as well as very gentle.

"Search" is the biggest part of research.


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Definitely Not A Job For A Turbo Nozzle / Rotary Nozzle!

Most any butyl or delimonene based cleaner will remove these streaks,
however proceed with caution, too strong of a solution and you may
remove paint. [mnhgyt]
gutter cleaning

We usually use a chemical called Enviroclean, which is used for mildew clean up. Mix it with bleach and water, spray the gutters one section at a time and you will see the grime eat away within 30 seconds. You may be able to spray it with a water hose and your gutters will be snow white. Sometimes the gutters may be very dirty and a second application may be needed. But that should work for you. Hotwash Atlanta in Tucker,GA carries Enviroclean.

Good Luck!!
Gutter Cleaning

Hey Chris,
I found out and used which works great but you have to rinse it off after brushing quickly. At Wal-Mart i get the purple bottle of degreaser in the auto section and mix it 50/50 w/water andspray on gutters let sit for a few seconds brush it and rinse and like new. Make sure you rinse otherwise the paint will come off. No need to scrub to hard as the cleaner works rather well. At least for me hopefully the same for you. jim
BD6 works like a tornado on gutters. 10:1 to full strength for cold water MUCH better than the "Simple" stuff
Work fast at these ratios, no need to let it set to long (like Mark said), spray it an watch it clean, RINSE, RINSE - dont forget the siding too!
its that fast.
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Most importantly!!! When quoting out a job with pure white accents ALLWAYS assume they are going to need lots of elbow work and excessive chemicials to get them trully clean. Better to get paid for your hard efforts than work for free. If the stains fall off the gutter with a simple chemicial and rinse throw in a complimentary car wash or somthing small @ no charge.

More often than not this free gesture will seal the deal for future call backs and referals.

Daff, how do you quote your jobs? do you quote one price for the house and a second for the gutters? (considering the scrubbing) or do you price by the hour? We are trying to figure out which is the best way when white gutters are involved.....thanx!!

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For residentals go by the job. Figure out a price in your head and add 20-30% to it. This will be the fat zone. This zone is for the times where you have underestimated or a issue arrises where something is very difficult to come clean. Trust me these will arise.

Plus always check and ask"how long has it been since the building has been professionally cleaned?" This phrase will be a precurser to issues you might face;

  • improper chemicial were used in the past(STAINS CHEMICIALLY BAKED IN)
  • cleaned by the average joe=trouble!!!
  • high demanding customers
  • Pita JOBS

Never feel you have to do a job. If a client seems to be unrealistic or strange, give a stupid high quote or make them last on a very long list!!

Thank you Daff!! You definately gave us some good info. You have really been a big help!! If you dont mind I might have to ask you a question or two after we get going. Thank you again!! Happy Easter!!

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I use purple power straight with a brush. Don't have to scrub real hard but helps break the tiger striping loose. Just use plenty of water when rinsing, also if the soap drips on the concrete wash it off right a way, will leave big clean spots! Have recently been told by a siding contractor that 409 works great, haven't tried it though and don't know if you can get it cheap enough to make it worth wild to use.

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