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due to a miss communication with my wife i ended up with 2 copies of a address program that has 104 million names on them, the place they were bought will not take one back even though it has not be used because the seal on the box is broken. (i know, my bad , head in butt) if any one would like a sweet deal on this e-mail me for info. it has helped me mail into gated communities that do not allow solicitation. i love the concept and continue to use the other one.

Has your responce been good with this type of direct mail? Have you checked your percentage of flyers mailed to number of responses? How does this program sort out customers,i.e. can it sort by street,neighborhood,price of house? If you could try to figure out your numbers and let me know the absolute minimum you would sell it for. I have heard conflicting reports on how well they work.


It can do all the things you listed and then some. As far as it working. It works just the same if you paid some other company to help you with your direct market.

Actually better, if you use a company like Value Pak for instance they send out your flyer to 10,000 homes in a certain area.

Your response varies, depending on were you have them sent and what time of year you send them.

If you do your own, you can be very creative and selective to were you send your mailings.

If your doing a deck in a area, and you notice that the area has several decks. You can send out to all the home right in that area. You can even ask the customer if it is ok you mention that you are working on there deck.

That will generate a much higher response than random mailings. You can also offer a neighborhood discount, bla bla bla.

Get creative and stay active. If you do I will see you in Florida this up coming winter.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
708 715-4205


Haven't done direct mailers. What i do is when i do a residence, when finished, i will walk and hang flyers on about 10 houses each side of the home. In our area, we can leave a sign in yard for up to 5 days. The homeowners get their flyer off their door, hopefully read it, then when they are driving to and from their home, they see our sign, and it clicks. Have ended up with several houses on the street this way, and it is inexpensive. It has also not worked at all, so i was out a couple of bucks.


Craig Knight
Power Wash Unlimited

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