Do we really need a Organization ? (poll)

Do You really need an organization to help your business.

  • YES

    Votes: 37 42.0%
  • NO

    Votes: 33 37.5%
  • I can make just as much $ without it

    Votes: 17 19.3%
  • I can't make any money without it

    Votes: 1 1.1%

  • Total voters
If there was no such thing as the PWNA ..... would your business still thrive?

Do you really need an organization behide you to be succesfull?

Can you operate without a organization?

and finally >>>

What has ANY organization done for your business?
has it helped you land any jobs?

has it helped you get better Insurance coverage?

This is not a thread about Dan this is just some questions I have and would like an honest answer .

please dont say just join and find out . just answer the questions that pretain to you , Dont try to answer the questions that pretain to anybody else. Answer the Questions that deals with your business.

Yes, I think organizations have helped me land jobs. Affiliations with things such as the PWNA, Local Chamber of Commerces, or the Better Business Bureau enhance your credibility, and therefore help you "land jobs".

Even if it at times doens't help land jobs, it can NEVER HURT!
And its tax deductable...........


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How many of you believe that education is important? How many of you believe that the BBB and your local Chamber of Commerce are important and add to your company image? How many of you have at some point in your life (be honest) regretted not doing something specific that would have betterd you such as a type of continuing education? How many of you would like to take advantage of as many things as you can that will help your business grow?

We have seen results in the growth of our business as members of PWNA. We have networked with others who have shared their knowledge and expertise and it has helped us.

It may not be for everyone. In some ways, it's like many things in life get out of it what you put into it. Business is work. It's not always fun, and it's often hard, but it can be very rewarding.

Do we need an organization in this industry? Yes, we do. Is it perfect? No. Can we all make it better? Yes. Did our parents tell us we could make a difference through our efforts in the world if we tried, or at least in our little part of it? Mine did. So, I'm trying.

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We all had parents that said the same thing ................@ least the good ones

I am a member our local C-of Comm. and to tell ya the truth the only thing I got outa that was a bunch of junk mail from all the other members wanting either a donation or want me to join the golf club ............. It has yet to make me a buck .... Next year I doubt I will re-join ....... It's a bummer that you think you can join something that you think will help your business and All it does ismake more paper burning material...........

please answer the questions though .......... how has any org. helped your business? Can you get Ins. coverage?

It's kinda funny 12 says NO ........

so the question still is up for grabs ...... What can ANY not just the pwna do for your business?
What if there was no such thing would you still be as successfull?
Do you really think you need it to be in business>?

And the million dollar question of course is >>>>

Buy paying your "dues" What do you get? a voice? okay now what ?
Dan S..
Do you golf? I know of alot of business is done on the golf course. As a matter of fact, it is a great place to find new GOOD clients.


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If the other two don't work, a third could come in handy!

Ok...ANY org? How about the American Cancer Society? What about services offered by that org? You said ANY org. It's an org! What about the Susan Koman Society for Breast Cancer? What about the Doug Flutie Foundation? What about THE AMERICAN RED CROSS??? That is the single largest non-profit org in the world. Waht about the Make a Wish Foundation???

I've named more than one.

p.s. new laws have recently been passed that will allow non-profits to offer benefits to members, and the PWNA is looking into health care. These things take time, but they are being worked on. Everett Abrams has details on that.
There you go Dan S.,
Your questions are being answered..............why I don't know because you will still find a reason to slap the PWNA just like your little slogan on the bottom of your posts with the smiley face.

A couple of post above nailed it. Alot of business is made where???? On the golf course. Just about everybody knows that...................except for you.
If I didnt know that John why would I be the first to mention it?

give me a break Im not as dumb as you look..................

Beth I was talking about ANY org. that you belong to that helps your business ... ie: pwna...... you know pressure washer stuff .. not no boob,or cancer deal ........ just ANY org that helps you get work,Ins...........

All those orgs. you mentioned is a great idea and we give to them faithfully ...( not every one but some).. but it hasnt helped us land any jobs....... and before you go there .........>> our intention of giving wasnt to also receive..... We give b/c it is a great cause .

kbear .......... I tried the golf thing . I cant hit that darn ball straight to save my life .It always goes to the left or right , I would be much better picking it up and throwing it .


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Dan S. which way do your testicles lean, try buying underwear that lets them hang the other way, then go try golf again and I bet your balls go straight down the fairway.

I am not a golfer, never was, never will be, to me I just think it is dumb standing around BSing for an hour before you hit a ball down the fairway, then do it all over for 18 holes.

Just does not make sense to me, ok I know it is suppose to be relaxing but I get edgy if I have to stand in any line for to long, that goes for shopping also.

I have little paitence for milling around and talking, besides I would miss most of the conversation anyway.

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BS is part of the fun of golf. You may not have the patience now, but you will when you meet the head of merchandising from K-Mart and you tell him what you do. BS with him some more and get a rather large account washing whatever in just about which ever K-Mart. Or how about someone who owns his own company who is interested in investing in yours.
Just a couple of examples that have happened to us. There are plenty more. You can meet alot of big wigs on the course and it is great networking. Actually, I think that is one of the best networkings we have going for us right now. Become their friend and get to know their friends. The referals are great.

Larry L.

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Dan it seems Jon and John is always slapping you around,always jumping on you trying to kick dirt on ya,always trying to find things wrong with you and slap ya some more.

I my friend will stand by you anyday and laugh at them too b/c we know friends are friends not someone who thinks they are better than you.

I like the word Dan Flynn uses sometimes "losers" in not wanting everybody to be a friend just certian ones,you know the kind I'm sure :).

and the ones voting no needs to vote in the other poll too,if not the pwna will show you what they can do for you,beat ya in the voting.


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Bigboy I take offense to your remark I alway slap Dan S. around, I do think he knows well enough where I come from and that I don't hit below the beltline.

A question for you, have you never disagreed with anything he has said?

Has he always agreed with everything you say?

I am not a loser, nor are you, Dan S., Cody, David, Beth, John T. or any of t he many others who post.

If we are losers why then are we successful in our businesses? Losers are not winners, they do not gain a foothold nor advance up the ladder.

Do you and I agree on everything? no but do we bash each other over it, I would hope not yet we should be able to disagree and say so yet still walk away as friends.


It is hard enough for me to hear all said with someone just being in front of them, I guess you don't know I am about 65% or so deaf, being on the open golf course with the noise would deaden all conversation for me, I would look like I don't give a darn what they are saying, hench would make it appear I don't want their business.

Sure I tell people I am deaf so if I ask them to repeat something it is because I did not hear it, most are very understanding, a few are not.

Looking at deaf or partly deaf people you would never know they are deaf, I look as normal as the next person. I have been accused by cops in the past of being drunk, on drugs etc. because I did not hear what they said, just pulling over would cause that to happen, I cannot hear a word they say on the squak box. Oh well, their problem, not mine.

Larry L.

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Do you and I agree on everything? no but do we bash each other over it, I would hope not yet.

Jon,I'm different from Dan,I can get anybody off my back if they keep bashing me,I'll dig up potato's and throw at ya.

Loser isn't about business or how good a business person you are,you can always get other accounts or go to school to learn more.

If people do not know how to handle a person like Dan or me,they aren't the smartest salespeople in the world.Wear the other shoe for awhile.......answer the Q'tions the best you can and try not to find fault in others as to get out of answering or changing the subject.

I know most of my friends and each is different from the other but their still friends nomatter if half of them are hairlip.

Polls are still open,better vote,
Sorry Jon, did not know that.

How about if you hang out in the club house? Sounds like more fun and every on is in the same boat. (Especially after a few drinks) :)
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Larry L.

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Yeah but I can talk you into liking green and tell ya how pretty green really is,ya'll get to were you love green.

Tell ya what,paint a small green spot on your powerwasher and evertime someone wants a bid look at that green spot,Green will help teach you from undering biding.Green comes in several colors,.Green can hold its own in any store,green can get you out of a jam,matter fact green can make you sleep better at night.Green can make you happy,will the only thing green cann't do is buy true friends.
The only way a fallower can disagree with GREEN is when its in someone elses pockets.........GREEN even has its on smell.


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Dan S,
I have already said that the PWNA has helped our business. I don't need to say more than that.

As for the other orgs I mentioned, the POINT was that organizations help people, when people have a need or become involved in them. Hope that clarification helps.

Quote by Dan S.
give me a break Im not as dumb as you look..................

Its not worth getting roped in on this even though I would love to. I'll leave it at this. You should know better as a Moderator about making that above remark and if you don't then make it fair game where you don't delete my remarks towards you.


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John T.
You're right. That is a low remark, and coming from a Moderator, well... it's sad. Moderators should uphold the quality of the BBS. At least I believe that. Personally I'm not surprised by that remark. Dan Flynn needs to clean Moderator house, and I hope he does for the sake of the members.

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