Do we really need a Organization ? (poll)

Do You really need an organization to help your business.

  • YES

    Votes: 37 42.0%
  • NO

    Votes: 33 37.5%
  • I can make just as much $ without it

    Votes: 17 19.3%
  • I can't make any money without it

    Votes: 1 1.1%

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Michael T

New Member
what can PWNA do for you?

Ive followed this and a few other threads.
I joined PWNA a few years ago. The reason . I needed certification to bid on a job.
The bid required certification in both PWNA and IKECA. I contested it and said it was redundent. They conceded and said at least 1 certification. This eleminated 90% of the bidders and narrowed the field. Long story made short , I didnt get the job. Went to the lowest bidder anyway.
Anyway I had my certification. Does the general public care?..... Sorry to say but no. What the care about is what you as a contractor know. And how professional you are , ie insurance, W/C, professional image, how long in business etc.
Did I receive anything of value? Yes .... information
There is always a learning curve in any business. But it does deminish as you stay in the business. Longevity and retaining info . Im not saying I know everything. But I know a lot about my field. Do I continue to learn ... Yes

Back to my original thought.
In my opinion..... the conventions are for newbee in the industry.
There is some worthwhile info but geared tward the new guy again.
The trade show ..... saw it all in about 2 hrs or less. And I like to stop and BS.

Ive gained more info on these BBS and visiting different vender websites.

My Opinion again ...... Conferences are overpriced. Especially is you are flying cross country . I spent about $1000.00 for the weekend. Sure I wrote it all off. But was there value in it? I not really convinced there was.

Membership retention???? How do you convince them to stay? What do you offer them to stay?
Group buying power?
Insurance. Health and Business?
Power in numbers?
I havent seen any good reason to stay yet. But my mind is still open.

I was disapointed a few years ago with the cruise. I got enough advertisements to paper my office. I think that was a total waste of time and money ( dues ) on touting this venture. If I going on a cruise, or vacation Im not going with a bunch of people in the same business. I have a live and I vacation to excape. Rediculous at the least! Just my opinion.

Ive been in business 17 years. Specializing in KEV cleaning . So Ive been around a while. I dont have any objection about a national organization, but I need some good reasons to stay.
Just my opinion.

Mike Hughes

New Member
Originally posted by Dan S

How close are you from Shippensburg? Thats where he is going ... and also where my Bro lives.............
I'm 140 miles from Shippensburg. My sister in law lives in Harrisburg, and we visit sometimes.............that's under 40 miles from Shippensburg.


New Member
Tim Lynch,

PWNA member prices:

Under $150,000 $195.00
Under $500,000 $250.00
Over $500,000 $350.00

Also your Email address does not work so if you would Email me I can send you some information.


Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
hahahahaha why not let us guys making under 25000 in free,wow the more you make the more it cost you to belong to the pwna......NO need to explain I understand why.


New Member
What cracks me us is how everyone tosses around "it's tax-deductible". Most of you haven't a clue as to the benefits of a tax deduction, what is and isn't so classified, and the fact that since most of you are the only employee, a business expense that is a "tax deduction" (which almost all business expenses are anyhow) that doesn't benefit you personally doesn't really matter. It would be far better to take the income and pay the tax than spen more money that doesn't personally enrich you.

So please, stop tossing around the term when you really don't know what you are talking about!

Michael T

New Member
Washerman, Who are you referring to? Everyone? " Most of you haven't a clue" ??? I reread this thread and didnt see your point. I think most of us here have quite a bit of business savvy. Most if not all who post here , including you , are in business for themselves. Most have the entrepenuer spirit. Some have employees , some do not. "Tax deductions" ie. write-offs are great tools provided to us thru the IRS. As the old saying goes," If you dont use it you loose it"
Ive read some of you past posts. Most are neither informative or productive. Your post seem to generally just take potshots at people, belittle and basicly cause strife.
This is just my personal observation.
By the way. Do you have a name ? How about coming out from behind your signiture?


New Member
<font color=e87400>MIcheal T

I have defend Washerman a little here.

His post there re the Tax Deductions I don't believe was wholly re: this particular thread. Frankly I was thinking the same thing he wrote. There have bee a few mentions in these hot threads of the past few days re: deductions for memberships, seminars & whatnot. So looking at the whole picture of the post together, he has a point.

You've been at this 17 years so I'm sure you've seen & heard it too where people have a common misconception about write-offs. Where it seems to some people that a write-off no matter what kind, mysteriously puts more money back in there pocket than was the expense. Like washer man said. <b>â€￾a business expense that is a "tax deduction" (which almost all business expenses are anyhow) that doesn't benefit you personally doesn't really matter. It would be far better to take the income and pay the tax than spen more money that doesn't personally enrich you.â€￾</b> That statement is right on target for the point he’s trying to get across.

Whereas some may see this as a pock shot, I see it as perhaps the best & most informative post he’s ever made. He condensed it & surmised it pretty well, although a little less cordial than it could've been & perhaps rather than saying "everybody" he could have said "many of you" But all in all, a good point.

This is not meant as anything negative toward you Michael, not in the least bit. I just wanted to clarify it because I don’t think you realized the other remarks that have been made regarding write offs in other post as well.


Michael T

New Member

Thanks for the explanation and coming to his defense.

I for one like reading your posts. Although they may be lengthly. Your points are well clarified.

Are we going to see a kinder gentler WasherMan from now on? LOL

Hey, No offence taken.


Mike Hughes

New Member
Thanks for pointing that out, Barry. You have a valid point.

I know I wasn't the only one that mentioned it, but I didn't mean to suggest it's a free ride. However, any little bit helps.

Mike Hughes
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Not likely. A leopard does not change his spots.

Thanks Cody, it is nice to have someone who understands business a tad more than the masses.

Dan S

New Member
So according to this poll ......................most of us see no need . or better said >> Dont need a org. to be successful in the p/wing business . majority WINS !


New Member
<font color=e87400>Poll mighta been different if you would have added a Maybe -

I would have voted Maybe myself.


Clean County

New Member
A point here that your missing Dan S. is that yes you don't need an organization to be succesful with your business but there are benefits that an organization can get that you just can't get on your own.

An example of this would be that group insurance plan that is being discussed.

This is why I feel an organization can never hurt a business but only help it and the choice to join is always up to each individual.

Why knock an organization that is trying to help us. A better Idea would be to volunteer yourself to help make the organization better if you don't like the direction it is going.

Clean County

New Member
To be successful in this business or any oher for that matter comes down to....YOU. Only you will determine how successful you will be if you work at it hard enough!!

I'm to lazy to start another thread here but an interesting topic would be "What criteria would you have to hit to consider yourself succesful in the Powerwashing field" Would it be Money earned? Years in business? .....What??


New Member
John T,

Lets wait and see what PWNA offers before putting this health thing up on a pedastal. My question is why the PWNA is just now after years of discussion implementing something as important as this. not to mention all the other things PWNA can get into. I think this is the point everyone is trying to make to you. What has PWNA done for its members lately. After years of doing nothing maybe some of us will start to look at PWNA again.

Clean County

New Member
One call Power Wash,
Your question My question is why the PWNA is just now after years of discussion implementing something as important as this.

To answer your above question as short and to the point that I can-----New Leaders in place who are being alot more aggressive to get Benefits to fellow PWNA members.

The second question you ask is the one thats always for better or worse debated to the point of people agreeing to disagree kind of thing.
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