Doug Rucker's Pressure Washing School April 10th-11th Houston TX Training Event

Ron Musgraves

Staff member


Houston, Texas

April 10th @ 8am April 11th @ 1pm

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Doug Rucker

Doug Rucker is the current former President of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. He is the Owner of Clean and Green Solutions, as well as several subsidiaries in the Houston, Texas market. In recent years, Doug has focused his attention on refining his sales techniques, resulting in great growth with his companies. He has incorporated technology into his daily operations, expanded his webpresence in the region, and brought old school sales technics into one dynamic sales machine. Though Doug downplays his accomplishments by saying “NEVER BE CLOSING,â€￾ his clients are elite consumers with expansive purchase power. Connecting with and serving residences in some of Houston’s finest, upscale neighborhoods, he has established the “$8000 HOUSE WASH.â€￾ One of the things he emphasizes in his nationwide pressure cleaning school is: “Never set your sights too low and stop pushing!â€￾ While he believes that desperate service contractors can be spotted a mile away, Doug’s companies are in high demand, and his brand is strong and continually growing in the Houston area.

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