Dream Host Scam be careful if you are considering using them


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I registered a couple domains a few months ago and needed some help as I was having problems so I clicked the box for help and called them with the code.

I got some help but not really what I needed but got the issue resolved eventually.

I was looking at my credit card statement and saw a charge for $9.95 last month. I was thinking that they charged me very late for the registering of the 2 domains.

I just got my new statement and they charged me another $9.95 and looked at an older statement and they are charging me $9.95 monthly.

I called them and they have a really odd system you have to jump a lot of hoops through to leave a message with your phone number, partial account number, partial credit card number and email address.

I got a response a few days later stating that I signed up for monthly hosting. I did not, I just registered a couple domains, not sure if I will be having the websites built yet or later on this year. I explained this in the email.

I got a response a day later stating that they made a mistake and it was for monthly phone help that I signed up for. Again I explained that I did not sign up for anything monthly and want the charges reversed or I will be calling my credit card company.

I got a response a day later and they mentioned that when I registered the sites and checked the box, there is small print that states that you will be charged monthly for phone help ( I don't remember anything about being charged monthly or I would not have done it) and that they will not be refunding my money. Wow.

I sent another email back to them that I thought this is a scam, nobody needs monthly phone help for registering a website, you only do this one time then you pay yearly or in multiple years for the domain to be registered. My credit card company told me to fill out the back of one of my statements about what happened with their info and they would see what they could do. I will have to cancel my credit card to keep them from charging anymore money off of it as my credit card company cannot keep just one retailer from taking money out of my account. This really sucks!

I moved the domain registey over to GoDaddy so I will not have anything to do with that scam of a company Dream Host again.

Thought I would let you guys know about the scam they are pulling over at Dream Host and hopefully nobody else gets ripped off by them.


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thanks for the info, that's horrible...

Canceling your CC can be a lot of jumping thru hoops in itself !

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