Eat Oils BT200

Hey Doug
Any chance of getting a sample of the BT200, it sounds great and we have several Fast Food Drive Thru contracts that would really benifit from a good degreaser.
We use only biodegradable products, but the ones we have tried are not all that great, we would love to find one that actually works and is completely natural.
If possible, our mailing address is
234 Via Perignon, Naples, Fl, 34119
Thanks in advance

New Look

Registerd User
So I have read and read about the BT2 & SW1. Does anyone choose one over the other? Or are they both used in different situations?
I personally think they are both good products. I have used them both and do like the results. I prefer SW1000 but that is just my preference. Other heavy hitters in the industry swear by Eat Oils....I think it is a matter of preference.

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