Estimate for pressure washing a shopping plaza

We have recently been asked to bid on a large job (large for us) pressure washing the buildings and sidewalks at a shopping plaza.
Would anyone give us an idea on what they charge for one story and two story buildings per sq ft.
We pressure wash a lot of residential homes but not really commercial, we do more flat work for commercial customers.
To give an idea on the job,
Shopping plaza consits of two buildings, mostly one story with two units being two story, total size for both buildings is 17,862sq ft, it is the coving at the roof top level and another strip of coving halfway down the building that are the worst, almost black. We are a two man crew, so will most likely take us two nights to complete.
There is a water supply at the location. Our rig is 4000psi 4gpm
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks guys.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Do you have any pic's? What is the surface, brick?? stucco?? and as Carlos asked on the FB post can you your each the top with your pw'er or do you need a lift?

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