Gutter Cleaning Season?

New Look

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I am sure most of you are in full swing of gutter cleaning. Some parts of the U.S. are already getting snow fall.

Two story house/building....are you getting up on the roof or using a shepherds hook? What are some of the tricks you use to clean gutters on a second story without actually getting on the roof?

Best to you Contractors!!!

Doug Rucker

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If I can get on the roof and walk safely I will, if not it's just a ladder and my hands. Somtimes I will use a short wand, and zero degree on a long gutter run so I am not moving the ladder every 3-4 feet. Just have to be very careful and have very good aim. Took me years of practice on my own house before I did this on a customers.

New Look

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I try to stay off roofs as I have a "balance disorder"...long story! Back in the day I used the degree tip for blowing out downspouts. The gutter line...I would walk the gutter line on the roof with a 15 degree and push all the crap down to the downspout area.

Shepherd's hook have their uses but I am the type of guy that like to see what I am washing.

Good feedback Doug and thanks for posting!!!!!

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