Gutter Pricing

Hello, my husband, son & I are starting a PW Business this Spring and I have been doing a lot of reading on these boards and have learned a lot.

But I do have one question. How do you charge on cleaning gutters? Do you charge separately for this service? if so can I get an idea of what you charge. Because if we charge say $1 to $2 (1 & 2 story house) a linear foot to clean a house and you have to get up on a ladder to scrub the gutters you are using alot more time.

I am trying to put together a basic price list and just about have everything down except the gutters. Thank you very much and I will probably asking more questions as we go!! Donna[wsmile]

When I am doing a new type of job, I usually do one for someone (usually family or current clients as a thank you service) and then just keep track of the time it takes. I can fairly accurately estimate the cost by $60/hour. Once you have established a good repore with a client, charging $60/hour is easy and since they know you, they don't have to worry about being overcharged. When I do this, I usually quote a maximum price and hopefully will bill them for less.

My wife, son and I also started a PW business last September. Its been fun and rewarding. Oh - A super salesman/promoter client of ours gave us a great thought to always keep in mind. Just do something - anything - It may be profitable or not... But if you do nothing, you will definitely lose money. We think about that often and when the phone stops ringing... We get out there with the truck & powerwasher and hustle up business.

Good luck with your new adventure.

The Wash Guys
New Mexico

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