mark goodson

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Tiger stripes, gutter stains, streaking and striping all affect white and light colored gutters. Power washing can take the paint off the face of the gutter, we recommend StainGoner for the quickest and easiest way to remove the gutter stains. Spray on and wipe or hose off. If your customers want to preserve the new look after cleaning, we recommend StainGuarder which is a vinyl strip that attaches to the top of the gutter face. Both products are inexpensive and sell wholesale to contractors.

Power washing is a great idea for the insides of the gutters to get all the slop out, but take or advise, dont blast the paint off the face of the gutter you will ruin them for your customer! Those gutter cleaning and prevention products mentioned both are guaranteed to work and come with a 12 year warranty as a pass along to customers. You might want to consider their guarantee when doing work on customers' houses.

dave mac

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does your product that your selling work in the cold below 50 degrees do you have any free samples??


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