Happy Birthday Larry L.

Happy B-day from the NY corner [hbd] Here's a picture of you and I posting to eachother awhile back [p2] Us NewYorkers would love to give a present back to you Arkansas guys..Hillary Clinton :)

Enjoy your day...

Larry L.

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I've been off for almost two weeks,a little R&R,going back to work today.The bad part it was cold and rainly when I was off,winds out of the east as if the witch of the east rideing it.Had a good time anyway with the grandkids,not only being woreout I think they all ended up with colds.

Thanks guys,alot of my friends around me are passing away,have one now with just a few more days to live.He looked great two weeks ago but now..owell we cann't live forever but to me life cheated them.Its the reason I take off alot,I'm going to cheat life every chance I get heck with working altime...woohoo [bigboy]


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Hope you had a Great Birthday! [cake]

I guess at your age the buzzards are circling your house. [v]

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