How Do you Clean a Home with Koi?

Ryan Cash

Let’s Talk Koi Fish.

How do you clean siding when a customer has Koi Fish?

First, did you know the most expensive Koi fish ever was sold for 2.2 Million Dollars? Although most customer’s won’t have million dollar fish, it’s not uncommon to see residential koi can cost upwards of $5,000 each.

These fish are very sensitive to chemicals being introduced into their water as well, so a lot of contractors will actually turn down jobs if a customer has Koi close to their home.

There are 2 primary ways to handle expensive fish at a customer’s home:

1) Cover the pond with breathable fabric (Tyvek) and don’t use any chemicals on the walls nearest the pond. Manage run-off, and ensure that none of the underground drainage feeds anywhere near the water.

2) Have customer relocate the fish temporarily during your service. Manage run off and prevent any chems from getting into the water. Have customer empty the pond and flush it out a couple times before returning the fish back.

If you choose to relocate the fish, contact a local aquascape company and have them do this for you!

In the end, the safest thing to do is be cautious, take your time, and communicate your plan with the customer. They’ll greatly appreciate the extra care you put into your process!

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