Issues with DeWalt DXPW-3025


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Couple of issues here and I could use some help.

(1) I bought a DeWalt DXPW-3025 Power Washer from Home Depot. Is there a reason why the shaft is exposed where the red arrow is in the photograph? Likewise where the yellow arrow is but to a lesser extent. This would seem to be an invite for trouble. I.e., sand or whatever making it's way into there.

(2) The other issue I had is that after about 5 minutes of use I suddenly lost pressure, with the water trickling out of the wand. No water was draining from the by-pass and the water pressure should not have dropped as I have an honest 5GPM of water and had told everyone in the house to not take showers, do laundry, etc. So it was not a matter of losing water pressure.

So while I am checking the obvious I hear a 'POP!" and had pressure again. I just happened to be looking at the spring mechanism (other photographs, with and without cap) which either kicked in or out, I am not sure and nor do I understand it's purpose. Again, the unit was not just sitting there idling, so I don't think it was a safety measure to drain when the pump heats up because as mentioned there is the by-pass valve for that.

(3) Lastly, this pump is made by the FNA Group, whose Simpson Model 3228 is strikingly similar to the DeWalt. I've heard of General and CAT pumps, but never FNA. Are they any good?

Many thanks for your time, greatly appreciated!


top view_2.jpg


valve_1 Covered.jpg


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Please disregard the above post. The pump, a 'AAA' by FNA, blew up about fifteen minutes after this post. It is now back at Home Depot where it belongs....

Thank you,


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